Brush 2 by CITIZEN:Citizen

Object: Brush 2 Designer: CITIZEN:Citizen URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $95 Lust Factor: Hot Description: This is a brush that I am sure Saint Martha, patron saint of domestic servants, would approve of. The brush is simple, clear, direct, and suited for the most zealous Christian.

Brand Destroyer Handbag by Nendo

Object: brand-destroyer Designer: Nendo URL: Category: Fashion Price: $? Lust Factor: Hot Description: This project was for Vogue Nippon. The challenge was to modify a luxury brand handbag into the designer’s own creation. Nendo’s concept was to mask the brand’s essence in such a way to make the owner curious as to what’s behind […]

Berlin Fashion: Custom Bags by Tausche

Object: The Weltenbummlerin Bag Manufacturer: Tausche URL: Category: Fashion Price: $150 +/- Lust Factor: Warm Description: The Custom Bags built by Tausche are very similar in concept to the popular American Timbuk Designs messenger bags. There are a couple of items that set the Tausche bags apart, though. First, theses bags have some very […]

The Homeless Survival Coat by Jan Borchies

Object: The Homeless Survival Coat Designer: Jan Borchies URL: Category: Fashion Price: $1000 Lust Factor: Cold Description: The Survivor Coat, as you may be able to see from the toung-and-cheek design, gives all the amenities the homeless needs in convenient and easy to find pouches. As well, the jacket pronounces the wearer’s social condition […]

Norwegian Designs: The Sacco Funny by Hareide Designmill

Object: The Sacco Funny Designer: Hareide Designmill URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $Still In Prototype Lust Factor: Warm Description: The Sacco Funny is now just a prototype for the Norwegian furniture manufacturer, Ekornes. The design is a bit of a tke off of the bean bag chair refined to fit the body’s shape. […]

The Transtrap

Object: The Transtrap Manufacturer: The Transtrap Corporation URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $12.95 Lust Factor: Warm Description: I ride the subway here in San Francisco several times per week, so when I saw this product in the NYT Style section I was hooked. The Transtrap is your own personal strap to be used on […]

Droog Designer: Labeled by Claudia Linders

Through January, the Museum of Arts and Design will be hosting an exhibit on the Netherlands’ Droog Design titled “Simply Droog”. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll spotlight some of my favorite design objects from the Droog Designers. I also highly suggest browsing the comprehensive list of links located in the sitemap. Object: Labeled […]

Henk designed by Frog Design

This week marks the annual Millionaire Fair, this year held in Moscow: home to 60,000 Millionaires and 30 Billionaires (The highest concentration in the world). All week, I will be reporting finds from the Fair on more obscure companies that cater to the super rich. What categories of design are on the lists of the […]

The Nike Plus iPod Running System

Object: The Nike+ iPod Running System Manufacturer: Nike ipod URL: Category: Sports and Recreation Price: $500+ Lust Factor: Warm Description: A lot of people have written this up, but I can’t help but mention this awesome piece of equipment. Why do I like it so? It creates a competitive videogame like environment around something […]