Chord Light by Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love, an exciting Swedish based design group, has come up with the cutest floor lamp. It reminds me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon I saw years ago where Bugs was supposed to be somewhere in an exotic Casbah, and to disguise himself he became one of those snake charmers who sit with […]

Electro Luminescent Vases by Voon Wong and Benson Saw

How bad ass are these items? Okay, it’s maybe a bit hard to tell what these are at first glance, so I’ll add a bit of description: These are vases where the designers have woven an electro luminescent (EL) wire around a ceramic vessel. EL wire is a low light emitting wire used in the […]

Boom Bag by GRO Design

Boom Bag is a prototype by Gro Design that combines two great accessories into an awesome final concept. It’s one part purse and one part portable iPod stereo. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?!…Hey, pass me that bong, dude” moments in product design. If you look at most portable iPod […]

Hotdoll by Clement Eloy

Clement Eloy is a French product designer with an idea to help out dogs when they get the urge. Mr. Eloy has produced a number of provocative product designs in the past couple years, but this one is the most visceral. The Hotdoll. There’s not much to say about the concept that isn’t already obvious. […]

Jackets by Moncler

I think that I had originally meant to write about this jacket about six months ago. I saw it in a magazine, so I just bookmarked it to follow up later. OK, now that it’s Spring, I’ve decided to do some spring cleaning and clear the boards of all these posts that I’ve started. This […]

Smittens by Wendy Feller

I’ve been combing through the latest ID Magazine and I’ve found a number of pieces that were extremely compelling. One of my favorites is Smittens by Wendy Feller. They couldn’t be more aptly named. These are mittens for couples who are smitten (sorry for the obvious observation). This seems like such unique novelty design at […]

YouTube Design: Phillips Light Emitting Textiles

I am so excited about the ideas that artists and designers will be creating with this new product. I saw this a couple of months ago on the Phillips website, but I hadn’t realized until today that there was a video of the fabric, and that the fabric also was dynamic. This is a jawdropper.

Easy by Derin Sariyer

I love Derin Design for a number of reasons. First, it’s an Istanbul based furniture manufacturing firm, and I like to present Istanbul based companies whenever I have the chance. Why? Because Istanbul has to have one of the most creative lot of artists and designers in the world. Second, The line of sofas Derin […]

Spring-Summer 2007 Collection by Patrik Ervell

Patrik Ervell  gives me hope for my ability to be a man in casual and graceful clothing that don’t involve one of maybe four brands. There are just not that many designs available for guys out there. O maybe I’m just a picky bitch. Probably the latter. Regardless, I like Mr. Ervell’s collection. It makes […]

Plastic Fantastic Gold Sofa by Studio JSPR

There are a number of incredible items that roll out of Studio JSPR. This will be my favorite for today with many more coming in the near future. Studio JSPR was founded just two years ago by Jasper van Grootel. The studio today is four people with a focus on interior design. The Plastic fantastic […]