A New Shoe Paradigm: Skins Footwear

Skins Footwear is a novel concept: separate the skin of the shoe from the structure of the shoe. This separation allows for a couple of really innovative advantages to the consumer. First, it creates a more economical way to mix and match your shoes by moving the structure from one skin to the next. As […]

Doctor Bag by Doshi Levien

Doshi Levien is a young London design duo with a small collection of product designs under their belt. But, given a few years to develop their portfolio, they will have a great future in design. Why? because of simple products like the doctor bag. There’s nothing much to the Doctor Bag, but simplicity is a […]

Speed Up by Sacha Lakic for RocheBobois

Sacha Lakic is probably more well known in Europe for his automobile design, however he does design just about anything and everything. Like tables for Roche Bobois, for instance. The Speed Up table, shown here, is one of several in a collection Mr. Lakic has recently designed for the company. It harkens back to the […]

Jawbone by Yves Behar for Aliph

Yves Behar is San Francisco’s rival to someone like London’s Tom Dixon, but arguably more talented and certainly, more versatile. Not to take away from Tom Dixon, but I am from San Francisco, so I may have a bias. Really, the work cannot be compared. Yves Behar and Fuse Project crew derive design from pushing […]


Recstand is one of those products that is trying to be high design but falls short, in my opinion. What is it? It’s a plastic CD stand that comes in dozens of colors. I first noticed it in a beautiful, full paged ad in Surface Magazine. Their advertising design is beautiful as well as is […]

Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses

Ah Prada. I remember several years ago when I bought my first fake pair of Prada shoes. They had all the details including (and most importantly)  the characteristic red stripe on the back for gawkers to see. They were beautiful in a plastic-smelling, exploited Chinese worker sort of way, but no one suspected they were […]

ID 40 2006: SwopIt by FormUsWithLove

FormUsWithLove is a brand new design collective from Sweden. They just formed last year, and they are well on their way to rockstar status. (BTW, take a look at the collective’s picture on their website. They have developed a style that makes them look like the ill fated Heaven’s Gate members or backup members of […]

ID 40 2006: Memento by Tonerico

Over the next week or two, I will include some of my favorite designers from ID Magazine’s “ID 40” list of top designers of 2006. It’s a pretty amazing list, so I urge you to pick up a copy of this magazine. Tonerico is a Tokyo based collective of designers with a focus on austere […]

DoNuts by Dirk Wynants

Let me point you in the direction of probably the most innovative furniture company on the planet: Extremis. Extremis is a Belgian design house where cleverness is the top priority. For instance, Dirk Wynants’ DoNuts picnic table is the result of asking , ” Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a place to eat […]

Chandelier Autocollants by Munchausen

There are now (it seems) dozens of companies that are making stickers that are used as architectural appliques. This makes sense to me. The medium is young and exciting, and designers want to push the sticker genre as far as possible. The most successful designer of this genre, currently, is Munchausen who has created this […]