Orchid by Christian Flindt

About five years ago I bought my first orchid. It was a type of Cattleya with purple and pink striped leaves. It looked very exotic because there were tendrils from the flowers petals that twisted down an inch or two creating a sort of plant peyos. This was not a simple store-bought orchid but one […]

Tubetop Lamp by Pablo

In the mission district of San Francisco, there’s a guy (or girl possibly) that tags everything he sees with a pi symbol. You know, it kind of looks a bit like a “TT” mashed together. Sometimes, the pi is on a sticker. Sometimes, the pi is in paint, Sometimes even, the pi is coupled with […]

WMF 1 Coffee Maker by WMF

I have found the perfect coffee maker for the coffee lover who is single and in need of everything in his or her life to look like an iPod. (I hate to judge, but that describes half of Silicon Valley!) Its called the WMF 1, which sounds a bit more like bowling machinery or a […]

The Maria USB Drive by Luis Eslava for ABR Produccion

Probably every blog and their mother has posted this Maria USB Drive by Luis Eslava from 2004. Unfortunately, most of the blogs (that I’ve seen, at least) have not given credit where credit is due, so definitely check out Luis’ site because Mr. Eslava is a great product designer with a strong sense of joy […]

Wheeler Stool by Charlie Davidson

The Wheeler Stool is a cute little product designed by Charlie Davidson. It’s one of those small jazzy pieces that caught my eye as I search through volumes of stuff that have been produced by mankind. Sometimes I wonder to myself how a piece such as this ever makes it to the site seeing that […]

Jellyfish Sonic by kota nezu of CO/EX

To the best of my knowledge, the Jellyfish Sonic is never going to make it to mass production, which is a real shame. This is a table straight out of War of the Worlds. The table top is a bulbous, alien shape that is made of a clear plastic. Encased in the plastic hovers two […]

Tengu: a USB Electronic Friend by Crispin Jones

Tengu is our happy USB friend! This little critter really doesn’t do much of anything except lip sync to the music coming out of your computer. This object, admittedly, is more crack than design. It doesn’t really do anything all that useful. It doesn’t even loo all that pretty. But, damnit, it’s cool. I dare […]

The 23/6 Mobile PC by Antenna Design for Fujitsu

This is a prototype design from a firm called Antenna Design for a new type of laptop. It’s basically made of three leaves that fold together to create a much smaller area than the current laptops, but the advantage to this design is the user would have a full size keyboard, which I love. Antenna, […]

The RPM 10 Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems

I’m not really going to talk about the RPM 10 Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems. I’m going to talk about what these record players stand for. The funny thing about the modern audiophile record player is the record player inevitably likes to display every piece and part of the machine as if it were […]

My Book Hard Drive by Western Digital

I was recently at Circuit City (which I normally hate going to, by the way. They have no selection.) and I was looking for a backup hard drive for my system. The one I found compelled to buy was the My Book Hard Drive by Western Digital. I honestly know nothing about the company, nor […]