Bubblicious by D-Vision

D-vision very clearly ums up the beauty of their bowl the best: “A bowl comprised of varying volumes of spheres, to place fruit of different sizes, in a way that enables to position the object in a new equilibrium each time, due to the change in the center of gravity. ” How cute! An ever […]

Lite Tapestry Tower: a Floor Lamp by Aswoon

Have you been wondering how to dispose of your old couch, but you don’t want to send it off to a huge landfill? I’ve got an idea! Rip the thing apart and break it down into its component pieces. And when you get to the springs, cut those up and turn them into a chic, […]

Mixko: A World of Undiscoverd Similarities

Mixko, as their namesake indicates, is a  company that mixes multiple unlike things together to come up with completely new meanings. They look at an object like a whistle, for instance, and say, “Hey, if the scale of that whistle were multiplied in size by, like four hundred times, then that whistle would make a […]

Benjamin Hubert Desk Acessories for Welmade

Do you remember when you were a kid, and your mother gave you a toy comprised of a board with various geometric holes in it along with a number of colored sqaures, stars and spheres? I remember this at least. It was a toy that teased your brain to fit the blocks in the right […]

BKLYN Designs: UM

I wanted to get this post out quickly because the BKLYN Designs Expo has just past, and yet I have not talked about the most prolific and possibly the most fun design collective: UM. Their work is just so damn clever. As my cop out, I’ll let them speak for themselves: At the core we […]

Kartell – Lovely Rita Bookshelf

Lovely Rita is not just a meter maid. It is, for some inexplicable reason, also a bookshelf designed for Kartell by Ron Arad. I’m assuming Mr. Arad is a Beatles fan judging by his pieces names, because no matter how I slice it, I don’t see how this piece relates to “Lovely Rita”. But look […]

Paraseat by Steven Haulenbeek

The paraseat is a beautiful concept that exploits the use of a simple mechanical concept. It’s a simple plastic cantilever with a lot at the end that allows you to wedge this thing on a post and use paraseat as a comfortable impromptu place to read a paper or have a drink. If you combine […]

Zip Tie Light Kit by Steven Haulenbeek

It’s very rare that I find such a simple concept with such dramatic results. The object: a ring with a light on it. The concept: take a few hundred zip ties and wrap this ring in any configuration you choose. The result: an ethereal blob of a light that is not unlike a jellyfish. Oh, […]

Clear Acrylic Stool Available at PID

PID sends me a monthly update of their new products, and a month never goes by that I don’t want to feature at least one of their products. This month, I randomly chose the clear acrylic stool available for $321. This stool also doubles as a magazine rack, but a like it especially for it’s […]

Bomb USB Storage

The Bomb USB Storage by Joel Escalona is a clever take on those bombs you only see in old cartoons. The metaphor of the bomb is kind of funny.Although a USB cord vaguely resembles a fuse, bomb is about the last thing that I would want my computer to do. In fact, didn’t  the old […]