G-STAR RAW: Denim as Couture

I included G-STAR RAW to the Crack List simply because I’ve never seen denim treated so expertly. Where I live in San Francisco there are only two ways recognized as fashionable for denim: there is the teenage hip-hop style of wearing jeans around your ankles (how can you run from police with your jeans like […]

The Flamenco Chair

Here is an item that I think breached a curatorial focus in me, and I’ve decided to show it anyway. It does not seem terribly innovative. It’s not particularly clever. It doesn’t use materials in a striking and unexpected way. Really, the only reason I have shown this chair, the Flamenco Chair, is because I […]

Burberry offers an extremely exciting fall winter 07/08 collection

I’ve increasingly been looking at fashion lately, and call me conservative: I love the Burberry collection for this upcoming season. Burberry, as you may know, was a brand that only catered to preppy Hampton sows for years and years. It ranked up there with Ralph Lauren in yawn factor. Today, Burberry has reinvented itself by […]

Just How Sexy Can a Lamp Be? The Moschino Dress Lamp Answers

Moschino, that clever Italian fashion house, is always jabbing a stick in the eye of what fashion should be. They are a creative lot that does not like to be tied down by any sense of tradition. One of their recent forays is in the realm of lighting design. They have taken a number of […]

Nazi Couture: Raf Simons Autumn/Winter Collection 2007-2008

I live in San Francisco where a multitude of strange subcultures coexist. However one that has never taken a foothold which I think would give the city a new dimension is what I will refer to as Nazi Couture. In one sense, I imagine Nazi Couture as a group of self absorbed young males who […]

Rocking Sheep by Povl Kjær

I’ve been looking at a lot of Danish design and craft lately, and while on my electronic journey of discovery, I came upon a new interpretation of a child’s rocking horse by Povl Kjær. He has dropped the valiant horse and gone for the plusher more comfortable Rocking Sheep. I really had nothing much to […]

UM Carry by Josh Jakus

This weekend in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, there was this thing called the Capsule street sale. Capsule hosted probably 200 vendors of what I might call “crafty” design. The majority of the work was pretty competent, but honestly, I was hoping for some more innovative products out of the deal. Imagine, if you dare, several […]

Gandia Blasco Day Bed

The day bed by Gandia Blasco is something that I dream is owned by billionaire sultans with good taste. It reflects a lifestyle of year round beach weather on breezy North African coast. Inhabiting this furniture are sexy young things in white linen pants and skirts drinking mojitos to cool themselves off while the thump […]

Sweet Home Laptop Power / Foot Warmer by Clement Eloy

OK. I wouldn’t call this product exactly “green” per se, but it does make something that is not so efficient into something useful. What I’m talking about is the laptop power / foot warmer by Clement Eloy. He’s created a design that takes your overly warm transformer that is required for every laptop to function, […]

Margaret Howell Spring / Summer 2007

Margaret Howell provides the highest style in the vein of a genre where the only term that comes to mind is preppy. All of her Spring/Summer ’07 collection seems directly inspired by either a croquet game if all the players were characters from the O.C. (the O.C. is an American TV show full of young, […]