The Leaf Lamp by Yves Behar: Fabulous or Flimsy?

ID Magazine has recently come out with their 53rd Annual Design Review where they award a number of products and project top honors for design. They have named top honors in the consumer products division to the Leaf lamp by Yves Behar. I’ve been tempted to write about this product for a while now, but […]

The Cartier LOVE Ring

Cartier has looked to the past to find their new LOVE collection. The design, originally from one of their collections in the 1970s works like this: the ring has screws around the perimeter of the band and the tighter you turn the screws the more you love. Is that right? It seems to me that […]

The Seitz 6×17 Digital Large Format Camera

The Seitz 6×17 digital large format camera is something that needs to be seen to be believed. It is, quite honestly, the most amazing digital camera ever made. Where do I start? Well first, the construction of this camera is unparalleled. The body is made from aluminum billets that are hand tooled into the final […]

Chord Light by Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love, an exciting Swedish based design group, has come up with the cutest floor lamp. It reminds me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon I saw years ago where Bugs was supposed to be somewhere in an exotic Casbah, and to disguise himself he became one of those snake charmers who sit with […]

The Jimmy Office Desk by Modernlink

And how about an actual product to show rather than just some jibber jabber. A’ight. Here’s a sweet desk I found off of one of my sponsor’s website. Dudes! I need a good desk badly! Anyone have 5 Gs they can hand me to get this beautiful desk? I like it because it follows John […]

Projump Stilts

I was recently scouring You Tube when I came upon this contraption. I would almost consider this more gadget crack than I would design crack. Still, the design that lead to this invention was immense, I’m sure. So, I commend you oh inventor of the Projump stilts. What’s the big deal though? You’d have to […]

The Symphony Bench by OFS

OFS is a stodgy, boring, but also very capable furniture manufacturer based in the heart of the U.S., Huntingburg Indiana. It’s like one of those companies that is probably a Bershire Hathaway company. It’s deeply seeded in it’s all bread and butter, go to church on Sundays, have a night out at the movies with […]

Gandia Blasco Day Bed

The day bed by Gandia Blasco is something that I dream is owned by billionaire sultans with good taste. It reflects a lifestyle of year round beach weather on breezy North African coast. Inhabiting this furniture are sexy young things in white linen pants and skirts drinking mojitos to cool themselves off while the thump […]

Oragami Table by Anthony Dickens and Tony Wilson

The Oragami Table is a pretty amazing piece of design and quite possibly the only table I’ve written about that I really, really want to own. Each table consists of three legs that interlock together to form the structure. The glass table top is put into place, and there you are. Assembly of this table […]

The Aerolblade Bicycle by Spyker for Koga Miyata

I decided to put a lot of picture of this bike on the site because bicycles are an interesting beast. Often times, I look at bikes from far away and think they’re ugly, and when I get close up they become beautiful. The Aeroblade for Koga Miyata is definitely one of the bikes that benefits […]