Thursday Props: Dutch by Design

A reader sent me this link some time ago, and I’m embarrassed that I’ve not published this yet. It’s a link to DutchByDesign, a very well curated online design shop. I’ve actually visited the site many times looking for just the right gifts. This site has something for everyone… that is, something for everyone who […]

Ultraluxe- The Verailles Lighter by S.T. Dupont

Recently, Kaboodle asked me to write a weekly post for the Fab Finds column of the Kaboodle Blog. I was, of course, ecstatic at the chance to work for one of my favorite shopping sites. So when Kaboodle approached me, I decided that I wanted to write an extra-special, over-the-top weekly column which I will […]

Munimula Wine Tray: Innovation in Simplicity

The Wine Tray designed by Munimula is a piece I saw recently that I thought I would include as an example of simplicity at its finest. This piece actually solves a major problem which is how do I easily carry a bottle of wine and four wine glasses into the other room to serve my […]

What would the perfect bicycle look like? The Low Rider by Ben Wilson Design, Maybe

I think I put a placeholder for this post in my queue about 8 months ago, and I just today got around to putting this up online. What immediately struck me is how I can use this blog as my own personal style gauge. 8 months ago, I was really into looking at low rider […]

The Ooba Bassinet Makes Me Want to Make Babies

One thing I’ve been seriously wanting to do is give a shout out for my awesome sponsor, They are my dream sponsor because it is so easy and fun to talk about their products and mean every word I say. So today, I dip into the bag of 2Modern goodies to find some serious […]

Samsonite Black Label Vintage Collection

I sometimes cover luggage. I’m just attracted to the architectural quality I guess. Ever since I covered a $20,000 suitcase designed by Frog Design as one of my very first posts, I’ve been on the hunt for the next ultimate case. This is not it. However, for $600 it is a darn good alternative. The […]

The floating frame BA4 by Alias

I was in an airport a few weeks ago, and I sat in one of these floating frame BA4s by Alias, and damn, was it comfortable! The design is simple and beautiful, but maybe not crack-like. I’m not addicted to this item like I am so many others, but when you can fall asleep for […]

Holloware Bowl by Kim Buck

I’ve been saying to myself for the past couple of years “Why the heck doesn’t someone design more pneumatic furniture?”. Finally, I have found a product that nears furniture and enters the realm of houseware. I give you the Holloware Bowl by Kim Buck. It is a mirror finished blow-up pillow that is made to […]

Hugo Boss Building by Matteo Thun

I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed Matteo Thun before. He is an extremely talented designer with a multivalent design studio. His office are as adept at designing a chair as they are a building. And their recent building is a hit with me. Mr. Thun and company has created a three story office building […]

The Space Lounge Chair and Table by Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen is one of the top manufacturers of modern luxury furniture in the world. But despite this reputation I’ve neglected to feature their work on Design Crack. Why? It’s called laziness. I’ve been really lazy in tracking down images of their furniture. Finally, I’ve nicked a couple from their site, and I will now […]