The P’9521 Mobile Phone from Porsche Design

I have not tried this phone out, so I cannot speak of the P’9521 by Porsche Design’s usability just yet, but I can say that they have some seriously stiff competition from the iPhone. What I can say that makes this phone unique is the designers’ decision to carve the phone out of a single […]

Light Plumbing by Claus Bjerre

Claus Bjerre creates a witty take on a candle holder. The holder, of course, mimics the form of some plumbing pipe with a valve. The valve, besides looking beautiful in its industrial simplicity, actually serves a purpose in that it is used as the handle for the candle, meaning you will never get hot wax […]

The Flamenco Chair

Here is an item that I think breached a curatorial focus in me, and I’ve decided to show it anyway. It does not seem terribly innovative. It’s not particularly clever. It doesn’t use materials in a striking and unexpected way. Really, the only reason I have shown this chair, the Flamenco Chair, is because I […]

East Beach Cafe by Thomas Heatherwick

Thomas Heatherwick created this beach side cafe in Little Hampton, UK around an extremely strict design cept. The owners wanted to discourage graffiti, which was a problem in the past, by getting rid of any large expanse of flat surface on the building. But it was the building’s intention to be long and thin to […]

Emilio Pucci Wood Clutch Purse: Modern Art as Fashion Accessory

Now that another fashion week in New York has passed, all my future fashion posts for the next several weeks are going to be old news. So, if you really want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, then this may be the wrong blog. If, however, you are simply in the mood […]

Can a Gas Station Really be Green? Office dA Thinks so.

Office dA, a Boston based design firm, has created in the heart of Los Angeles this gas station that creates quite a paradoxical relationship for those who seek it out. For the everyday user of this gas station, it’s just another funky monument in the “look at me!” culture of Los Angeles road side architecture. […]

Storage Shelving by Francois Bauchet for Galerie Kreo

Travel Tip: If you take a visit to Paris any time soon, then I urge you to stop by the Galerie Kreo not far from the Place d’Italie. I’ve always wanted to live in a place where well designed objects are exhibited in a gallery setting. OK, some may argue that IKEA fits that definition. […]

Twenty-first Century Craftsmanship: A Silver Service by Michael Anastassiades

I’m not much for having tea, but when I saw Michael Anastassiades‘ silver service I wanted to start this ritual just so I had an excuse to buy this beautiful set. Mr. Anastassiades aesthetic can best be described as old world modernism. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but when I think of […]

Bendable Interior Objects by Form Us With Love

I subscribe to a newsletter by a Swedish company by the name of Form Us With Love, and they just sent me an announcement for their latest design product/company called BIO (Bendable Interior Objects). This design object is very similar to BluDot’s line of accessories in that they both use a very simple stamping process […]

Home Defense Made Easy

This table design has made the rounds, but it’s just smart enough to become a phenomenon: The Safe Bedside Table is a brilliant combination of modernist side table and billy club and shield. I originally found this post at Oh! Gizmo, then at TreeHugger, then at Spluch, and finally at its source: James McAdam (the […]