Table garden brings new perception to the dining table.

I saw this at Yatzer, and I really appreciated the above piece for where it brought my imagination.  The piece by metal garden furniture DeCastelli is not meant to be a dining table, I don’t think. I think it’s meant as pure vision of landscape on a miniature scale. But it occurred to me that […]

reincarnation: trash as inspiration for tableware

Yet another remake of everyday objects as precious little trinkets. I like them all, so keep them coming. I’ve seen clorox bottles in ceramics, water bottles in glass, but the lightness of Kutchamuch’s egg crate, for instance, exceeds the quality of any i’ve seen. I hope i’m right in saying that taking an everyday object […]

Puma Container Store Next Step in the Mobile Shopping Evolution

The Puma Store is an inspiration to all architects out there with lots of time and energy and access to a supply of old shipping containers. I consider this store to be a sort of dialogue with some of the past stores Ive seen where the designers have stacked 6 units high by one wide. […]

Designer profile: Studio LIBERTINY

The work of Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny, a Slovakian-born designer based in the Netherlands, can best be described as obsessive-compulsive. But this complete devotion to his craft also leads to his profound and moving design experiments. As an example, he has recently created a Bic stained cabinet which gets its hue from collecting hundreds of Bic […]

Fail Bench: Furniture to Make You Insecure

I saw this bench, and it immediately spawned a thought about dieting and weight loss. I’m getting fatter. I’m not feeling like a real chunky, but I’m slowly creeping up from a slender 190 lbs. (I’m 6′-4″ BTW) to something more than this, let’s say. I think the name is interesting because my first thought […]

Pursebuckle: A Small Fanny Pack

I’m sorry, but when I first set eyes on the pursebuckle (Get it. It’s a purse and a belt buckle) I immediately thought back to one of my coworkers who still wears a fanny pack. He’s married, so he’s not too worried about attracting the ladies… which he would never do wearing a fanny pack. […]

N-7 Table by Casamania

N-7 is another beautifully built table that takes on the current trend of what I call origami or faceted design. Where did this trend start? I seem to recall a modern building in Hong Kong built about twenty years ago that sort of kicked off this trend in my mind. Since then, I’ve seen so […]

Bench by Modern Outdoor

Etra Small Bench I’ve been looking for decent modern outdoor furniture for quite some time now. Outside of Europe, quite frankly, there is very little choice when it comes to where you sit on an aesthetically modern surface. Modern Outdoor gives me choices. And they give me choices like this beautiful bench above that are […]

Spaceless: Sandy Lam’s Expert Solution to Tiny Outdoor Spaces

I received this email about a year ago, and just never had time to post this. Sandy Lam has created an ingenious system. The pieces of furniture are built into the floor of a terrace and easily slide up to create a table or a bench. This is the perfect furniture solution for people who […]

Growing Jewelry by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Looking to get a little more green in your life? You could plant some grass in your back yard, or you could just buy one of these rings by Hafsteinn Juliusson. One ring is sort of the brass knuckles for greenies. I can imagine a new brand of superhero who respects the environment by punching […]