Droog Designer: The Porkring by Ted Noten

Object: The Porkring Manufacturer: Ted Noten URL: http://www.tednoten.com/porkstock/ Category: Fashion Price: $3,000 +/- Lust Factor: Hot Description: Ted Noten brings a fresh wit to his products, and the Porkring is no exception. The Porkring concept is pretty deep. The price of the ring is based off of the cost of gold in a very literal […]

Droog Designer: Bootleg Objects

Through January, the Museum of Arts and Design will be hosting an exhibit on the Netherlands’ Droog Design titled “Simply Droog”. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll spotlight some of my favorite design objects from the Droog Designers. I also highly suggest browsing the comprehensive list of links located in the sitemap. Object: Bootleg […]

Plus Ultra- Ultra Luxury Products

This week marks the annual Millionaire Fair, this year held in Moscow: home to 60,000 Millionaires and 30 Billionaires (The highest concentration in the world). All week, I will be reporting finds from the Fair on more obscure companies that cater to the super rich. What categories of design are on the lists of the […]

The Lexus LS

Object: The Lexus LS Manufacturer: Lexus URL: http://www.lexus.com Category: Automotive Price: $61,000-71,000 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Why did I choose to mention this car? Because this car offers the highest amount of luxury for the lowest price. This automobile has reclining rear seats, the highest level of safety system, extremely clever mobile telephony, sensitive climate […]

The Cordillera Tres Cruces by Vange

Object: The Cordillera Tres Cruces Manufacturer: Vange URL: http://www.vange.be Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $482 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Warm is how I feel when I see this simple, clean shelf. The image I got doesn’t really do the shelf justice. The shelf was commisioned by Vange which has one of the most solid housewares […]

The Freitag Store, Zurich

Object: The Freitag Store, Zurich Manufacturer: Freitag URL: http://www.freitag.ch/ Category: Sports and Recreation Price: $250,000-500,000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: The Freitag Messanger Bag is all about recycling “useless” refuse into a finely built product. Their flagship store is no different in its sensibility. It’s thinness scares me coming from California earthquake country. But there is […]

The CCTV Headquarters by Rem Koolhaas

Object: CCTV Headquarters Designer: Rem Koolhaas URL(video): http://www.digischool.nl/ckv2/video/koolhaas1.wmv Category: Architecture and Construction Price: $ 1 billion+ Lust Factor: Warm Description: This building is under construction in Beijing, and marks the centerpiece of what hopes to be a 300 tower central business district in Beijing. Rather than go into details, I’ll distill why this design is […]

The 2008 Dodge Challenger

Object: The 2008 Challenger Manufacturer: Dodge URL(unofficial): http://www.dodgechallenger.com/ Category: Automotive Price: $25,000-35,000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: I have not owned a car in years, and I never intend to own a car again. However, I cannot deny the beauty of a well designed automobile. The Dodge Challenger is one of my new favorites. If you […]

NYC Garbage by Justin Cignac

Object: NYC Garbage Manufacturer: Justin Cignac URL: www.nycgarbage.com Category: Tchotchke Price: $ 50 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Up front: It’s well packaged garbage. Step back from it, and it’s beautiful branding. If you find the right people to buy this, it creates a community of NYC Garbage owners. Only a finite number of people will […]

The Pimp Star LED Watch

Object: The Pimp Star LED Watch Manufacturer: Tokyo Flash URL(where it can be bought): secure.giantrobot.com Category: Fashion Price: $155 Lust Factor: Hot Description: I am a sucker for flash and novelty, and this watch is all that. Besides using a beautifully colored LED, the wristband is equally beautiful stainless steel. Honestly, I don’t even wear […]