Tetrad Shelving by Brave Space

Brave Space is a group of three designers based in Brooklyn who have finally capitalized on the inherent modularity of Tetris pieces. If you don’t know Tetris, it’s a video game where (I think) 6 distinct pieces drop from the sky, and it’s the job of the game player to fit the pieces together in […]

Conto Chair by Julian Mayor

A number of Julian Mayor’s work focuses on the synthetic representation of topography, and this item is no different. What I mean by “synthetic representation of topography” is hard to explain: In architecture school, we were required to make topographic models of the land surrounding our building. We could form and sculpt the land however […]

The Star Vent Hood by Elica

When I first saw this, I thought to myself: “This is the most beautiful light fixture I’ve seen in ages.” To my complete suprise, I found that this light was actually a kitchen vent hood. The light is nothing less than a jewel. Yes, it does look a bit like a disco ball, but the […]

Element House by Sami Rintala

The Element House by Sami Rintala provokes memories of medieval Italian courtyards. The Element House’s structure is reminiscent of the structural playfulness of a Rem Koolhaas building in that it play with structural virtuosity without overtly stating its complexity. The building creates it’s own sanctuary, however if one would like a view, there are several […]

Horizon System by Pearson Lloyd for MO

Pearson Lloyd has designed this system for Spanish furniture maker, Martinez Otero. I think they have built an extremely flexible and beautiful system here. As you would imagine, the system comes in dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors that work together for any need. The system is similar to one I’ve blogged about before called […]

Berlin Fashion: Belts by Fasten Seat Belts

Object: Belt Designer: Fasten Seat Belts URL: http://www.fastenseatbelts.com Category: Fashion Price: $100 Lust Factor: Tepid Description: This idea sort of whacks you over the head with its cleverness. The designers have taken the airplane seat belt and repurposed it for fashion. I think this product will be a winner simply because the iconic value of […]

Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial 2006 Designers: Ring by Tobias Wong

Object: Ring Designer: Tobias Wong URL: http://www.brokenoff.com/tobias.html Category: Fashion Price: $500-5,000 depending upon material Lust Factor: Warm Description: Tobias Wong has created a deeply personal and poetic ring where the diamond is encased on the inside of the ring rather than on top of the ring. The diamond contacts the skin, and only the wearer […]

X-Ray Hand Mirror by Helmut Newton

Object: X-Ray Hand Mirror Designer: Helmut Newton URL: www.paulsmith.co.uk Category: Fashion Price: $50 Lust Factor: Warm Description: There’s not much to say about this particular product except that I really like handmirrors, and I really like X-rays. There is nothing particularly innovative about the mirror, but I wanted it the second I saw it so…

Spoon with Pin by Lukas Huber for Faces Design

Object: Spoon with Pin Designer: Lukas Huber URL: http://www.facesdesign.com Category: Consumer Technology Price: approximately $25 Lust Factor: Warm Description: I wanted to say “hot” on this item, but I refrained because how hot could a spoon be? The spoon seems simple enough, but the concept is revolutionary: design a spoon where aromatic herbs are held […]

Stag Mirror by hivemindesign

Object: Stag Mirror Designer: hivemindesign URL: http://www.hiveminddesign.com/ Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $? Lust Factor: Hot Description: The Stag Mirror explores the the trend of barouque-modern fusion which is currently prevalent in many design studios. It’s made from highly pollished stainless steel which produces a dreamlike replica when gazed upon. The lines of the mirror […]