Diorette Collection by Victoire de Castellane

Victoire de Castellane is the queen of enamel and jewels, and her new Diorette collection for Dior shows off her skills better than ever. The rings are huge, bold, chunky. It’s like wearing a little forest on your finger. All this is topped on a white or yellow gold band of exquisite quality. The rings […]

The Gucci Twirl Watch

There is so much great stuff I can say about Gucci. I’ve got handbag stories that will freak you out, but I’ll save that for a future entry. Today I wanted to mention the new Gucci Twirl watch. I’ve seen this watch in a full page spread in no less than six magazines that I […]

Sterling Silver Spiny Clamshell by D.L. and Company

D.L. and Company have created some of the most curious objects that I’ve ever seen. The spiny clamshell definitely sits high in this category. I really do like this pendant, however I must admit that I think it looks like a production mistake. I mean, look at it. I can somehow imagine the designer visiting […]

Mollis Easy Chair by Artur & Jonas

The Mollis Easy Chair by Vujj is a new take on an old standard: the butterfly lounge chair. This chair is so much more, though. First, the frame is much sturdier, and the paint job is also much more striking. Even the form of the frame is more appealing and dynamic to me. And most […]

Riddled by Steven Holl

Horm is unlike any furniture company I know of. This company has hired a gaggle of famous architects as their designers. One piece I love is Steven Holl’s table. I’m a “star”-chitecture fanatic who has visited a number of Holl’s American buildings and observed his work with jaw-dropping awe. Now, I have an opportunity to […]

“Oh You’re So Beautiful” Mirror by Joop Steenkamer jr.

“Mirror, mirror. On the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?” Now, you are every time you use this mirror. No, this isn’t some sort of clever Time Magazine cover, but a simple word of encouragement when you use the mirror: “Oh, you’re so Beautiful.”. I commend the designer for making a product that is […]

Square the Circle by Hubert Verstraeten

Hubert Verstraeten has managed to Square the Circle – with rings which are round when worn on one side, and square when worn on the other side. Without any perceptible transition, the inside of the ring changes from a circle to a square. A geometric puzzle game in gold and platinum, with or without diamonds, […]

BronzeKnuckle by Diplomat Design

“Punch him in the face with style and grace.” could be the pitch for the BronzeKnuckle by Diplomat Design. Not Really! This is actually an artistic centerpiece which could double to display fruit. Diplomat Design has gone all out with the finish of this bronze piece. The outer edges of the piece are polished to […]

The Little Something by JimmyJane

This is full-on, hardcore design crack. The Little Something is the Lamborghini of vibrators. The concept is quite simply perfection: create an erotic toy that is highly functional, viscerally pleasing, and a highly sought after. It’s functional in that you will never have to buy another vibrator again. It has a patented removable motor that […]

Seagrass Cocktail Table by DYAD

The seagrass table may be one of the first products I’ve featured that uses laser-cut steel as a manufacturing process. I’m still a bit of the fence on the use of laser cut steel simply because every time I see it used, the designer makes a figurative profile as the whole design. This gets a […]