Six Pack Paper Weight

These are solid aluminum paperweights brought to a high polish. There is really not much more you can say about this except that, heck, shiny things are kinda sexy. I don’t know why, but I think this piece will be worth something some day. Maybe it’s because these objects are somewhat similar to the work […]

Razor Blade Pendant by Arash and Kelly

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of NIKE shoes. So, when I saw this pendant available at the Arash and Kelly design store, I just had to have it. It’s a pendant using the (most likely) trademarked NIKE phrase, “Just Do It”. A Phrase NIKE has used for years as a call to […]

Precious Famine Coffee Table by Toni Grilo

Take a close look at this coffee table. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It’s made of hundreds of pieces of tableware. It’s the Precious Famine coffee table by Lisbon based designer Toni Grilo. I really do like this piece, however my very first impression of it I imagined what the designer was doing […]

Jawbone by Yves Behar for Aliph

Yves Behar is San Francisco’s rival to someone like London’s Tom Dixon, but arguably more talented and certainly, more versatile. Not to take away from Tom Dixon, but I am from San Francisco, so I may have a bias. Really, the work cannot be compared. Yves Behar and Fuse Project crew derive design from pushing […]

Knives by MKS Design

MKS Design is a small firm is comprised of Adam Simha. His work is mostly what I would call musings in steel. The knives for, instance don’t necessarily feel like something Adam set out to do. I would guess that they just happened. They are made of extremely high-quality steel and have somewhat unique shapes. […]

Kaze Shelving by Toyo Ito

The Kaze Shelving by star Japanese architect Toyo Ito is, how do I say, very architectural. Kaze, the Japanese word for wind is the name of the system, I’m assuming, because each shelf in the system resembles a plane wing. Or, maybe it’s because the system, although extremely strong, is as light as the wind. […]

Genius Table by Arash and Kelly

I’m not a genius, but I know more than a couple of them, and if they have a singular trait it would be that they always need a pen and paper handy for sketching ideas. Now, along comes: The Genius Table! OK, Arash and Kelly’s design has been out since 1999. But it’s new to […]

PikNik by Dirk Wynants and Xavier Lust

The PikNik Table by Dirk Wynants and Xavier Lust is an incredibly simple design move. It’s made from a massive 10mm aluminum sheet cut in half. The sheet is then laser cut and formed to give it structure. One of the beauties of this piece is its simple wave gestures at the base and at […]

Cell Screen by Korban Flaubert

Korban / Flaubert is a Sydney based design duo. Janos Korban is the metal specialist. Stefanie Flaubert is an Architect and principle designer of the the K/F line. Their work derives from experimental forms that evoke natural cell structures at a larger scale. The Cell Screen is inspired by their ethos. The screen is made […]

The Spin Candelabra by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is sort of the Keith Richards of the London design scene. He’s a man who just did what he did. He was an experimenter and tinkerer with no overtly huge ambition to take over the design world. Yet, despite his early laissez faire attitude, he emerged as a design rock star. He even […]