Link Candelabra by Johan Verde

You may have heard of Morgan Spurlock’s revealing documentary Super Size Me? If you haven’t, definitely check it out if you were wondering what fast food is capable of. The theme of the movie in four words or less: Super Size is Bad. Not all things super-sized are bad, though. Take bicycle chains, for instance. […]

Brand Crack: Frank Gehry Fold Ring for Tiffany

Mr. Gehry! Why did you not take up ring design before I got married? I really have no reason to buy one of the Frank Gehry designed rings by Tiffany. I only need one. I’ve always thought that guys wearing more than one ring usually wore polyester suits or needed occasional back waxing. You know […]

Lambda Grill by Convoi Design

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Austin, Texas for the South by South West Interactive Media Conference. While I was in Austin, I ate barbecue for half my meals. The other half, I ate Tex Mex. This is what you do in Austin, Texas besides drink beer and listen to some live music. […]

Prada i-Phone by LG

When I see the Prada Phone it makes me sometimes wish that I had started a gadget blog, and I really knew my stuff and was super popular. Why? Well then I would somehow convince LG to give me one of these awesome phones! At least they look awesome… and they say Prada on it […]

The Big Clip by Arash and Kelly

Sometimes, a great idea is great at any scale. Take the paper clip, for example. Here’s an extremely simple device made from a small length of cheap wire that solves two fantastically simple problems: 1. How do I easily hold these paper documents together, but also have the freedom to take a document out if […]

Hand Grenade Lamp by piet houtenbos

I was browsing Unica Home’s website a couple of days ago looking for cool stuff (as always) when I found this. BTW, Unica Home is Located in Las Vegas, and they probably have the best collection of amazing home furnishings anywhere. So next time you feel the urge to gamble, make a side trip to […]

Concrete and Steel Ring by Konzuk

Konzuk, a Canadian jewelry design firm, makes rings unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Their material choice is simple using primarily stainless steel and concrete. Wait, concrete? For a ring? No doubt, a great deal of experimentation was performed to make concrete an essential ingredient in their rings. The effect, as you can see in […]

Achoo Table by The Design Can

Do you have bad persistent allergies? Do you also have an obsessive compulsive disorder that compels you to rid your house of superfluous objects? Yes? Then this is your product. The Achoo Table is an integration, a mashup if you will, of two distinct products: the table and the tissue box. Judged just based on […]

Metatable by Korban / Flaubert

Korban and Flaubert, the Ausie architect/metal-worker duo have created a desk that I’m in love with. Are you a high powered talent agent, and need something to instill fear in the guests of your office? Here is the piece: a nearly monolithic almost alien desk from which you can prop your feet up on as […]

Easy by Derin Sariyer

I love Derin Design for a number of reasons. First, it’s an Istanbul based furniture manufacturing firm, and I like to present Istanbul based companies whenever I have the chance. Why? Because Istanbul has to have one of the most creative lot of artists and designers in the world. Second, The line of sofas Derin […]