Gyanze Amp and Speakers

I now issue the challenge for today: if you know any possible way to buy these mythical iPod speakers, then let me know. I honestly doubt that these speakers exist. I’ve even read about them in magazines (our print friend who supposedly checks facts) and still I can’t find these speakers anywhere. So what’s the […]

The Diamond Zinc Vase By Tampopo for Eboniste

First, I’d like to say that we have awarded out first ever email newsletter contest prize which I will discuss in a couple of weeks in a more formal post. She was ecstatic to win, and I can’t thank her enough for signing up. She was also kind enough to tip me on one of […]

Laaka Chair by lapalma

I’ve always been a big fan of bent plywood furniture. Like everyone who has my disease, I own an Eames Lounge Chair (knock off). Actually, I got the Eames chair on Craigslist for a hundred bucks. I hope that’s made all of you sufficiently jealous, so on to the Laaka Chair by La Palma! Now, […]

Wedding Pills by Ted Noten

Ted Noten has been featured a couple of other times on this blog for his humorous conceptual products, so when I saw his latest creation on NOTCOT, wedding pills, I knew I had to include these objects. The objects are simple. They are two solid gold pills that are ingested during the wedding ritual in […]

Aluminum Desk Chair by Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek is not just a noise you make when you’re choking. It’s also a very adept design firm in the Netherlands. I chose this chair to be on design crack because it transported me to another time. Grade school, in fact, is where this chair took me. It’s hard to put my finger […]

Meridienne by Sacha Lakic for Roche Bobois

I recently went into a Roche Bobois showroom in San Francisco, and I was impressed with this piece called the Meridienne. How do I put this without seeming crass… it’s a sex chair. Or, maybe I just had sex on my mind, because when I saw this chair I couldn’t help but think of all […]

Flower by Moooi

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a company that does search engine optimization for a company in the UK named Leigh Harmer. The email was very cordial, but I must admit that emails from SEO companies usually equals ugly junk. But when I looked at Leigh Harmer’s website my prediction was so […]

Text Ring by Anne-Christin Schubert

This is one of the most brilliant ring ideas I’ve recently seen. The Text Ring by Anne-Christin Schubert is what I would call one of those transformative designs. If you wear this ring long enough, especially if you are somewhere sunny, you will get a mini-tatoo of the letters in the ring where the sun […]

Balance by Carl Mertens

Back in 2000, Carl Martens designed Balance: a cup that reacts to its contents. It’s a bit of kinetic sculpture, really. As the user fills the cup, the cup slowly turns from laying on its side to sitting more upright. The effect is that even when slightly full the cup always appears to be completely […]

Tooltime Flatware by Walking Chair Studios

A few weeks ago, I offered up a design that was a table made from hundreds of pieces of silverware. That little blurb went over famously. The awesome blog OhGizmo! picked it up and helped it get out to the masses. So, I thought I’d be clever and go one step further with my weird […]