Tom Dixon NYC 2012


Tom Dixon skips the ICFF this week to open up an ambitious pop up shop? You bet. I went there first thing on Thursday, and I think I may have gotten there too early because there was no items to be bought. But what I can tell you is I’ve seen the most beautiful acid […]

NatureToWear by Ldesign

Nature to Wear

  Nature to Wear by L Design is one of those pieces of jewelry that annoys me because the title has got this almost naive irony in that the way the ring is constructed is not natural at all. Extracting metal from the earth is on the highest order of technology that snubs nature over […]

Desk by Janua

Desk by Janua

  Janua is a furniture brand I’ve never known until I started exploring this year’s IMM Cologne which happened this week. The collection is quite hard to pin down. Every piece feels familiar, but different. Every piece feels as light as air but also substantially hefty. I don’t know where to place the brand in […]

silver edition by Bordbar

silver edition |

  Looking for that certain something to set off your airline themed party? Look no further than the beautifully detailed and rugged silver addition food and drink carts by bordbar. Sure, their made for airlines. But, Bordbar also sells them to the public. They are a bit spendy, but I know if I lived in […]

Pentax K-01

  Pentax K-01. I grew up with a Pentax k series camera . Now,  an icon of contemporary design has redesigned a classic for the digital age. I’m in love.

Fuego Element Grill


  I work at an architecture firm called MKTHINK. We share offices with a design firm that has designed the Fuego gas grill, and I’ve been dying to give this grill a shout out. The element grill is amazing in that the designers have made the form factor so thin and light that this grill […]

bedtimestory by rephorm

night stand by reform called bedtimestory

      Rephorm has some clever products, but my favorite product is the bedtimestory night stand. It’s a simple and elegant piece of laser cut steel with a white powder coat. It’s bent into a form that allows the user to hold a book, place one’s glasses, and hold a lamp. Basically, it holds […]

a chair i love

i’ve been prottyping in steel lately, and this chair was an inspiration. NY DESIGN WEEK 2011: NOHO DESIGN DISTRICT – Rich, Brilliant, Willing at Partners & Spade – Rich, Brilliant, Willing. – Core77.

Is it me? Or are these fireplace tools SFS?

SFS is my new abbreviation that I’m using in my twitter posts for so f**king stupid. Why? OK we saw guns as handles for things, like, ten years ago. Many of the gun things were witty commentaries on gun culture. This experiment is more like ,” hey, let’s weld a gun to the end of […]

Sideboards by Eric Degenhardt for Böwer

  Now that I’ve spent the last five years writing about design, I’ve sort-of gotten tired of covering the straight ahead modernist pieces, but this is one of those pieces of furniture that is so sharp that you get cut just looking at it. Now if I had a few Gs… Sideboards by Eric Degenhardt […]