Gola: My New Favorite Sneaker

I have no idea why I love this shoe. I just do. It has a bit of that franken-shoe look which has infected so many top brand design shops. This one takes on the two forms: The back of the shoe is late 90s Italian gigalo / amateur football player. The back of the shoe […]

Valextra White Leather Backpack

Something moving happened to me when I saw this bag by Valextra for the first time a few weeks ago. I was flipping through the pages of Wallpaper (I think) when I saw the advertisement showing this bag. Of course, the bag was perched on a rock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It brought me back […]

Cesare Paciotti 2007 Camo Platform Shoe

Just when you thought camouflage was dead and buried here comes a shoe by Cesare Paciotti that will raise the bar on all future camo usage. This patent leather pump ain’t seeing any combat… that is unless it’s consensual. I dare you to check out their site. I love women’s shoes, but I love weird […]

The Orgasmatron 3000 by Dominic Wilcox

I have heard this urban legend all of my high school and college life that goes like this: having sex on a washing machine can cause women to go wild with passion because of the slow vibrating motion of the washer. The spin cycle is supposedly particularly hot. Finally, someone, this being master of everyday […]

Bracelet by Pinel and Pinel

Frederic Pinel has brought us many different fantastic products from his Paris design studio, the latest of which is the current special issue bracelet. His mode of operation, if I’m not mistaken, is to take to the streets to see what the youngsters are doing, and then re-interpret a piece for his collection. His recent […]

Meridienne by Sacha Lakic for Roche Bobois

I recently went into a Roche Bobois showroom in San Francisco, and I was impressed with this piece called the Meridienne. How do I put this without seeming crass… it’s a sex chair. Or, maybe I just had sex on my mind, because when I saw this chair I couldn’t help but think of all […]

Hogan Men’s Shoes 2007

Hogan Shoes are one of the few shoe designs that seem to have bridged the gap between sporty walking shoe and semi-formalish work shoe. OK, maybe they fall a bit more on the sporty tip, but if you must, drop a line to your boss that your Hogans probably cost as much as his stuffy […]

Brand Crack: Louis Vuitton Caviar Box in Taiga Leather

And now for something completely opulent. I’ve never featured anything from Louis Vuitton until recently when I made light of the $42,000 patchwork handbag. After that product, I decided to thumb through LV’s website to really get a full picture of everything they produce… or at least put their brand on. After I sifted through […]

Matrix LED Watch by Element Design

Element Design, a Vienna Based Duo established in 2002, has created one of the only watches I’ve really desired in years. The watch is called the Matrix and it’s designed for Zeon, the top manufacturer of retro styled LED watches. I’m attracted to the Matrix LED watch for its simplicity. It’s just a leather band […]

Puma: The Mongolian Shoe BBQ

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be Dr. Frankenstein? That is, have you ever wanted to concoct your own personal version of something you care about only to have to turn into a horrible monster? Well that’s kind of what it feels like when I recently visited Puma’s incredible Mongolian Shoe BBQ website […]