Coffin Couches

Have you ever owned a piece of furniture so perfect that it made you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven? If not then the coffin couch may be the perfect fit to bring you to eternal bliss. The coffin couch is a sofa full of beautiful details including handles and gorgeous legs. And […]

Blow Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

The first time I saw the Blow Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen for HAY, I thought they called it the Blow Lounge Chair because this chair was so sexy that brothels would be ordering this for certain lude acts implied in the name. Of course, my dirty mind completely overlooked that this chair, in […]

Bell & Ross Watches’ Subtle Boxiness Wows

This past weekend, The New York Times had an advertising supplemental that was a slick magazine devoted to the watch, a dying breed of product design. Probably my favorite of the watches was the Bell & Ross BR01-97. It is, quite frankly, one of the ugliest watches I have ever seen, but there is no […]

Historic Modernism: Star Trek designed by Roberto Lazzeroni

Why do Italian furniture makers make American furniture makers look like fools? That’s not really what I think, but that was my gut reaction when I first saw the Star Trek chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni. The chair defies all logic of the material its constructed from. It is, as you see […]

Dior rekindles a Japanese flair with their Samourai 1947 handbag

This bag is soooo old news. However, The Dior Samourai 1947 handbag is still one of my favorites even though Dior has probably gone on to market bigger and better pieces. This handmade gem by Dior is nothing less than a work of art. The handbag comes in a variety of colors, but I like […]

Salvatore Ferragamo White Pump with Mosaic Heal: A Break from Tradition

I have been contemplating giving who I am and everything I do in life a catchy tag line that will help an audience identify with me. Design Crack, as of yet, has no tag line. It pretty much explains itself, I think, with the mental visual of a design object that is irresistibly addictive- thus, […]

Funky Shoe: Peu by Camper

I only include this shoe on the site for Camper’s design innovation concerning it’s shoe string. The name of the shoe is Peu and it has that characteristic Camper look. But the shoe is just so much easier to put on with its one elastic shoe string, that it makes me wonder why shoes have […]

Celine Green Buffalo Leather Handbag: Who knew buffalos could be so chic?

If you live in New York, chances are you have or you soon will see the Celine Green Buffalo Leather Handbag around town. It’s H-O-T hot. First, let’s talk about the buckle. It’s a really chunky buckle which, to me at least, almost reminds me of the Fendi double buckle bag in the way it […]

Samsonite Black Label Vintage Collection

I sometimes cover luggage. I’m just attracted to the architectural quality I guess. Ever since I covered a $20,000 suitcase designed by Frog Design as one of my very first posts, I’ve been on the hunt for the next ultimate case. This is not it. However, for $600 it is a darn good alternative. The […]

The Space Lounge Chair and Table by Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen is one of the top manufacturers of modern luxury furniture in the world. But despite this reputation I’ve neglected to feature their work on Design Crack. Why? It’s called laziness. I’ve been really lazy in tracking down images of their furniture. Finally, I’ve nicked a couple from their site, and I will now […]