Hugo Boss Building by Matteo Thun

I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed Matteo Thun before. He is an extremely talented designer with a multivalent design studio. His office are as adept at designing a chair as they are a building. And their recent building is a hit with me. Mr. Thun and company has created a three story office building […]

The Sleeping Light by Andi Kovel

If I feature two bird lamps on the site, does that make it a trend? Probably not, but I like bird lights, so there you are. The first one I featured was several months ago. It was called the Pigeon Light, and it was made by Qubus. It’s made in plastic, and I’ve seen it […]

Fish Out of Water: A Lamp by Ana Thompson

Ana Thompson is a bit of a mystery to me. I really don’t know how I came about getting her URL, but her work is pretty remarkable. I’m assuming she’s pretty young, because there are only a handful of designs on her site and most of the designs are still in the 3D rendering phase. […]

Oragami Table by Anthony Dickens and Tony Wilson

The Oragami Table is a pretty amazing piece of design and quite possibly the only table I’ve written about that I really, really want to own. Each table consists of three legs that interlock together to form the structure. The glass table top is put into place, and there you are. Assembly of this table […]

The RPM 10 Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems

I’m not really going to talk about the RPM 10 Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems. I’m going to talk about what these record players stand for. The funny thing about the modern audiophile record player is the record player inevitably likes to display every piece and part of the machine as if it were […]

Green Week: Off Pitcher and Cup by Justin Parker and Andi Kovel

This is one of those products that pushes sculptural beauty and green design to what I would consider to be a noble conclusion. The product is called the Off Pitcher. It’s made from recycled bottles that are re-purposed into a carafe and cups. To go a bit further the designer’s electric furnace for manipulating the […]

Blindspot: Products for Couples by Jim Rokos

Jim Rokos, a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, has come up with a number of products designed to expose personal relationships between couples, and their ability to cooperate. I’ve included images from a couple of the products above. The top product is called My Other Half. It’s a […]

Four Flower Vase by Matti Klenell

I was Reading Matti Klenell’s impression of her own creation, the Four Flower Vase, and I was thinking that her impression did not do much for me to describe the beauty of this piece. She said something like glass has two great characteristics: transparency and seductiveness, and that she played on those themes. Hmm… If […]

Chandelier for Swarovski Crystal Palace by Simon Heijdens

Swarovski, a crystal company… wait. The crystal company… has commission several extremely adept designers to create modern chandeliers for their company. Simon Heijdens is one of my favorites simply because of the striking shadow. The 2006 Crystal Palace collection will blow you away, though. The whole collection is like performance art in crystal. If you […]

Pint Glass by Emiko Oki

Are you a staunch beer drinker but your spouse is a wine person? Does he or she give you a hard time for being “lower class” for drinking beer? Well here’s your chance to annoy your spouse: next time he or she forces you to drink wine, stay true to your beer heritage and drink […]