This Table Will Self-Destruct from Studio 1a.m.

“This table will self-destruct. The top of the table is structured as a grid of concrete pixels. Each time a new table is produced, one pixel is removed from the design. Following these rules of self-destruction, the shape becomes more intricate as it diminishes. This project converges elements of mass production and handmade craftsmanship, resulting […]

Peter Zumthor Bruder Klaus Chapel: Sublime, Powerful Beauty

I’ve always been a fan of the work of Peter Zumthor. And a recent article that I’ve read in Icon Magazine has reinvigorated the joy that I get in his work. This work in particular, the Bruder Klaus Chapel, has inspired me to go to souther Germany to see this work in person. Rarely do […]

Concrete and Steel Ring by Konzuk

Konzuk, a Canadian jewelry design firm, makes rings unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Their material choice is simple using primarily stainless steel and concrete. Wait, concrete? For a ring? No doubt, a great deal of experimentation was performed to make concrete an essential ingredient in their rings. The effect, as you can see in […]

concrete shuttering by Established and Sons

Object: Concrete Shuttering Designer: Established and Sons URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $6,785 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Concrete Shuttering is a shelving product that pushes the trend: “I am not as I seem”. In Established and Sons’ take on this they have created what would probably be made from a wood caracass and […]