Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial 2006 Designers: Vase Maker by Ron Gilad

Make any vessel a vase with Vase Maker by Ron Gilad. The Vase Maker is a magic trick in the making. Imagine the Vase Maker sitting on top of a table. On the table top is a concealed hole directly under the vase with a bucket of water inside the table directly under the hole. […]

Skull Plate by D.L. and Company

From DL&C’s website: Mr. Douglas Little is a sybarite of the sense who has created award-winning images and ideas for the finest names in beauty. His appetite for rarefied pleasures has compelled him to bring D.L. & Co. into being, so that he might share with others his passion for the hidden treasures of this […]

Tulipa Vases by Lotte Van Laatum

Here is Lotte van Laatum’s interpretation of 17th century Turkish kaftans worn by royal sultans . The design pattern is based on the abstraction of a tulip which is probably the closest item to a national icon in Holland, but is ironically an import from Turkey and Central Asia. And, Lotte’s intentions when creating the […]

ArtQuitect Collection by Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon made a huge splash at the 2006 London Design Festival with hi collection of bathroom fixtures for ArtQuitect. The reasons are obvious: the pieces are extremely sculptural, fluid, and baroque but without being completely unmarketable. I could see a lot of people wanting these pieces who are not just art collectors, in other […]

Design Wise- Juicy Boobs by Experimenta

This is a piece of kitchenware with many advantages in mind. The juicy boobs play off of man’s natural tendency to want to squeeze a pair of breasts (or at least my natural tendency). Now getting fresh juice is fun! Regardless of the funny name or the seductive shape, the design is well thought out. […]

Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial 2006 Designers: Deer Hat Hangers by David Wiseman

Object: Deer Hat Hanger Designer: David Wiseman URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $visit website Lust Factor: Hot Description: I’ve got a few more Cooper Hewitt Designers left that I wanted to mention. OK, the deer heads are really cute. But beyond this, David Wiseman’s big concept is to use walls and ceilings as […]

Surikata by Qubus

Object: Surikata Designer: Qubus URL: Category: Tchotchke Price: $see website Lust Factor: Warm Description: The pure white porcelain that qubus makes always gets to me. This piece is one of about a dozen gorgeous pieces. I chose this one because I like the sinuous form of the monkey, and his dynamic posture on the […]

urban cast-away ring from studio dror

Object: Urban Cast-Away Ring Designer: Studio Dror URL: Category: Fashion Price: $360-460 Lust Factor: Warm Description: This design house has really pushed the boundaries of experimentation on this project. The rings are made in what I’m sure is a laborious process, whereby second hand fur is dipped in the raw clay used to make […]