Phonofone II by Science + Sons

OK, I’m now on the Phonofone bandwagon. I think I’ve read no less than 10 posts on the topic which will all tell you the same thing I’m about to tell you: The Phonofone by Science and Sons is a ceramic amplification system for you iPod. This mechanism uses passive horn acoustics to amplify you […]

Drop Tiles by Johans Golv

I’ve been spending the last couple of days loading design crack with draft stories. I have hundreds of products that I want to tell you about that blew me away. I would say this product is more mildly warm, though. Drop is a system of ceramic tiles by swedish tile maker, Johans Golv, that are […]

Brasilia Plate and Tray by Bosa Ceramiche

This past weekend was probably the most eventful weekend for design in the history of California. In Monterey, there was a fantastic conference on architecture. In San Francisco, we had the World Design Congress which brings together the top industrial designers in the world to talk shop. What did I do? I went to Napa. […]

Snow Print Ceramic Tile Concept by Tuukka Tujula and Maija Puoskari

These are two young designers who’s names I cannot pronounce but whose design concepts I immediately get. Both Tuukka Tujula and Maija Puoskari are members of the design collective JuJu Design Party, a Finnish group with a massive amount of talent. I’ll be featuring a number of designs and concept from their collective in the […]

Darlin: A Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker for Lovers by Susanna Vesalainen

Finnish Designer, Susanna Vesalainen, created this ceramic salt and pepper shaker for a competition this year sponsored by DesignBoom. The salt and pepper shaker is comprised of two ceramic halves held together by a magnet that sits in the middle of each half and attracts both sides to each other creating a perfect fit. The […]

W’Duck: A Restaurant Whose Mind Is In The Toilet

click to enlarge W’Duck is more than just a noise you make when you slip into a bath tub. It’s also a restaurant in Portugal that has boldly chosen their theme to be a huge bathroom. The restaurant owners did not chince out when they went for this theme, either. You want to eat dinner […]

Harmony Salt and Pepper Shakers by Corina Garona

Corina is a recently graduated Industrial Designer from Pratt, originally from Buenos Aires, who has shown some promising work. Although Ms. Garona has several promising designs, I fell for her small scaled Harmony salt and pepper shaker which consists of two blobs of shiny silver painted ceramic. The inner blob is the salt shaker. The […]

Dinner Set by Finding Cheska

Finding Cheska’s work really went over well last time I presented it. They produce a lung shaped ashtray that is artistic, refined, beautiful, and probably most importantly, ironic. However, the majority of Finding Cheska’s work does not hold such great irony. It’s just straight ahead beautiful. Like this dinner set. It consists of dinner plate, […]

Green Week: The Egg Plant by SMP

What could be greener than plants? Nothing. The Egg Plant by SMP brings a bit of “green” design into your home. It’s a simple concept: place a beautifully crafted ceramic egg into an overly designed recycled box. Place some seeds and dirt in the egg. Now, you’ve got something worth selling as long as you […]

Cone Speakers by Broberg Ridderstrale

I’m always on the hunt for items that are designed in such a way that you can’t quite tell what they are unless someone tells you. The Cone Speakers by Broberg Ridderstrale are one of these items. I mean, OK, sure there are wires coming out of the back of them, but the speakers lay […]