The Simple Light by Amoeba

Whew! Finally, I have just a moment to start telling people about the amazing products I saw at the 2008 ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). Let’s start close to home with one of the Bernhardt Competition winners: The Simple Light. This light is so perfectly sculted and, and… simple… which may make it an instant […]

Plates from Domestic

Domestic, a French based housewares design company started in 2005, has asked several internationally known up and coming artists to create a fantastical collection of  plates which bring more excitement to any food added. The graphic nature of each plate is pervaded by a street sensabilty and color punch you in the face feeling. As […]

Jason Miller Seconds

Jason Miller, one of the hottest American designers of the past five years, has created what may be seen as a continuation on his playful lounge chairs. His chairs, which are newly constructed and well designed, feature strips of fabric that stretch randomly across the furniture and appear as if they were made of duct […]

Park Planters by Tristan Zimmermann

Planters bring a little green into your garden. Some would say planters add a sort of park-like quality to your surroundings. Well if you live anywhere near the Stanyan entrance to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco then you’d know that your park experience includes more than looking at green plants. No doubt multiple drug […]

New York Delft Plate Set by Lovegrove and Repucci

Are you a hardcore graf artist who has made it big in New York and now want to enjoy the finer things in life? Now, Areaware has created a series of plateware for you! The finest of Delft china combine with the heavy old skool stylez of the streets of New York to make the […]

Lunuganga by Wok Media

No time for actual camping or getting back to nature? I hear ya. With all my blog distractions and general urban puttering I have no time left for nature except to watch an occasional episode of National Geographic Explorer. But if you are looking for more of a natural distraction bring back natures glory in […]

The St.Peter-8XMile: Make Juice- Thumb Your Nose at the Church

This gold plated ceramic juicer is designer Giuliano Lacchetti’s opportunity to protest the Catholic church and make a fine citrus beverage in the process. The juicer, sown above, is a miniature version of Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican City. The concept is that the Church squeezes every last penny out of its parishioners while […]

Cityplates by not Neutral

Cityplates by NotNeutral are old news in the hyper acute world of cool trends being exploded into the blog ether at a mile a minute. But I haven’t written about them and maybe that’s what matters most to me, art least. The graphic nature of the map is so eye popping as to attract every […]

Domu (Home) by WhiteFruits

“Home” is one in a series of ingenious platewares by the Czech outfit, Whitefruits, that uses an illusion relief technique to create a 3D form out of a nearly flat surface. In the case of Home, the plate is faceted to look like a home. The technique it simpl, but unusual enough to awe your […]

Hella Jongerius Four Seasons Teapot for Nymphenburg Porcelain

Miss Jongerius, through master porcelain maker Nymphenburg, has explored the boundaries of the Baroque Rococo with this teapot called Four Seasons. The work has what I consider to be the characteristic marks of Rococo: The piece is stark white, The figures of the teapot are crusty and ornate, and the overall form of the piece […]