Bisazza Showroom


The Bisazza showroom is non-stop drama. Everything about the tile, ceramic bathroom fixtures, and anything Bisazza touches is luxury to the extreme.          

Sandbox Love : Anne Lorenz

sandbox love

      Anne Lorenz is one of the most innovative designers i’ve seen in a while, but i love the simplicity of these ceramic bowls which harkens back to a childhood spent at the sandbox. i highly recommend a look.   Sandbox Love : Anne Lorenz.

ceramico coffee table

A bit more ceramics for tonight: Introducing the all ceramic coffee table. it’s beautiful, white, sleek, but don’t let your kids get to close because they will break this coffee table in a heart beat. ceramico coffee table :: Industrial Design Served.

Vase by Francois Azambourg for Cappellini

Francois Azambourg has designed a piece of pottery that rivals the paintings of Joan Miro. Add a bit of bowling pin aesthetic to the miro-esque scene, and you have this vase.

Vessel/Architectural Pottery Beauty in Simplicity

 Let’s face it, we all want to make an extra buck. But it makes it so much more simple for me to sell goods when the goods are just so… good. Today, I’m exploring’s collection of Vessel’s Architectural Pottery re-issues from San Diego. The pieces are a higher plane of lovely. Most ceramic vessels […]

kristine morich: Landscape Tableware

I saw Kritine’s work at the recent ICFF, and I loved these dished because they redefine the way we eat by simply experimenting with the form of the ancient bowl and plate. The sculptural manipulations suggest possibly picking up the a bowl rather than dipping into it (as an example). As well, the plateware accentuates […]

Paper Thin: A Bowl by Agata Nowak

Tear a piece of paper from your notebook. Crumple it up. Now begin to curve the piece of crumpled paper into the form of a vessel. What you get is a vague resemblance of what Paper Thin, a collection of ceramics by Agata Nowak, is all about. The amazing thing to me is a crumpled […]

Blaue Blume Teacup by Undergrowth Design

I met the maker of the Blaue Blume Teacup at the 2008 ICFF, and I still have about one hundred of posts left to do covering the fabulous designers I met while at the show. This was one of my favorites. The design feature a baroque cup and saucer set in pure white porcelain. The […]

Mixko: A World of Undiscoverd Similarities

Mixko, as their namesake indicates, is a  company that mixes multiple unlike things together to come up with completely new meanings. They look at an object like a whistle, for instance, and say, “Hey, if the scale of that whistle were multiplied in size by, like four hundred times, then that whistle would make a […]

The Origin Washstand by Nothing Design Group

The concept of  The Origin Washstand by Nothing Design Group kind of hits you over the head with a beautifully sculpted river rock with the strength of its metaphor. But as literal as its form is pulled from nature, there is no denying that being able to control a faucet with something as simple as […]