Klaus Hackl Creates a bit of Genius with the Springlight

Klaus Hackl’s genius with the Springlight really speaks for itself. It is a small LED light connected to a thin and flexible stainless steel strap. That strap’s flexibility allows it to bend into areas so that it acts as a spring to hold itself. Maybe most importantly, the light holds itself together beautifully. It’s so […]

The Flatpack Rug by Big-Game: Functional Furniture for the Transient Fashionista

Flatpack is a tufted wool rug by Big-Game, a Swiss and Belgian design house. The rug concept was born from the idea of taking a simple cardboard box and flattening it out so that each tab of the box spreads to make a rug.  I like this simply because it exploit an already interesting form […]

The Smile Chair by Andreu World Might be the Most Elegant Stackable Chair Made

A week or so ago, I made reference to the Mosquito chair being the best stackable chair of all time, but since then I’ve changed my mind. That title goes to the Smile Chair by Andreu World. Andreu World is a well established contemporary furniture maker based in Spain who has been making fine tables […]

OPA Red by Jorg and Olif

The other day, I was working away and my boss rides in on one of these bikes, the OPA Black by Jorg & Olif… or, at least I think it was one of these bikes. I was immediately in love and decided to write about it. For you cyclophiles out there you know this is […]

Drink Tray by Martino d’Esposito

I’ve seen this around on a few blogs, and as much as I try to avoid duplicate content, I can’t help but put in a plug for this ingenious design. It’s a Drink Tray by Martino d’Esposito. Build this scenario up in your head: You’re a hot young bartender in one of San Francisco’s trendiest […]

Electric Table by Christiane Hoegner

Christiane Hoegner graduated in 2003 from the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste with a degree in interior architecture. Since then,  she has  created a varied and exciting range of products from  a sofa made of sandbags to  a storage system made out of universal stacking boxes. But my favorite piece is probably the Electric Table. The […]

Balancing Bowls from Royal VKB: Stupidly Simple Measuring Device

I am in love with this product! These are the unbelievably simple measuring devices by Royal VKB called Balancing Bowls. Royal VKB, by the way, is a young Dutch kitchenware firm with a vast stable of talented designers. Their work really creates new rules for how you can eat serve and make food. It’s quite […]

Drop Tiles by Johans Golv

I’ve been spending the last couple of days loading design crack with draft stories. I have hundreds of products that I want to tell you about that blew me away. I would say this product is more mildly warm, though. Drop is a system of ceramic tiles by swedish tile maker, Johans Golv, that are […]

Bell & Ross Watches’ Subtle Boxiness Wows

This past weekend, The New York Times had an advertising supplemental that was a slick magazine devoted to the watch, a dying breed of product design. Probably my favorite of the watches was the Bell & Ross BR01-97. It is, quite frankly, one of the ugliest watches I have ever seen, but there is no […]

Historic Modernism: Star Trek designed by Roberto Lazzeroni

Why do Italian furniture makers make American furniture makers look like fools? That’s not really what I think, but that was my gut reaction when I first saw the Star Trek chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni. The chair defies all logic of the material its constructed from. It is, as you see […]