Doc System Furniture a Genius Idea for Small Spaces

This has to be one of the most useful pieces of furniture I’ve seen in a long while. It’s called the Doc System, and it folds from a sofa into a bunk bed. I’m, of course, being heavily biased because of the recent arrival of my first child. Here’s the deal, my wife and I […]

The umbrella but no handle UFOCAP

The beauty of this design is it’s so practical yet it’s so stupid looking. The advertising says, ” On a rainy day, it will be the wings for your arms”. Which is a not so good way of saying that the UFOCAP frees your hands from the umbrella. So, it solves a great problem: staying […]

Cities Wall Decoration Collection by Granada Design

Granada Design has created a collection of inexpensive wall art that give props to your favorite internationally loved cities. Of course, my city by the bay, San Francisco, has not made the initial collection which is not doing much for me. But outside of personal prejudices, this simple wall art is striking, fun, thoughtful typographical […]

Blow Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

The first time I saw the Blow Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen for HAY, I thought they called it the Blow Lounge Chair because this chair was so sexy that brothels would be ordering this for certain lude acts implied in the name. Of course, my dirty mind completely overlooked that this chair, in […]

Storage Unit by Eric Jourdan

I get so many more press releases these days from people promoting their furniture. That is how I found out about the Storage Unit by Eric Jourdan. If your piece looks like this beautiful piece of furniture or anthing close to this then please send your press release immediately because I would love to feature […]

Mark Batty Publisher/ Books/ Description

Dating back several hundred years, the Japanese bento box is as integral a part of the country’s culinary identity as sushi. Today, a contemporary version of the bento box exists, inspired by the rampant popularity of movies, television shows and manga. These charaben, made by parents (mostly mothers) eager to bring attention to their children’s […]

Rugs from The Nought Collective

I’ve falen in love with these rugs. They accomplish two things that I hold sacred in well designed housewares: First, their designs are abstract to the point of challenging the owner but not so obtuse as to detract from the other furniture in the room. Second, these rugs are made with honest, hard work by […]

Tree Curtain by Nienke Sybrandy is Exciting Piece of ASCII Art

Normally when I think of ASCII I’m immediately thinking of a geeky programmer spending his or her spare time making a portait of Elvis only using the letters E,L,V,I, and S. But this curtain is true art. I love it. Now if only I had a room to put it in…

Toothbrushes by Radius

Finally! I’ve gotten around to this post. It is a rare pleasure to get tips from my friends in town. Yes, I get tips about products from my cyberspace friends and from my PR friends, but rarely do I get any great leads on well designed products from the people that I see on a […]

Retainer Necklace by Kiel Mead at Areaware

Gold teeth have become so pas·sé these days that who wants to wear them anymore? Not to mention, if you are a young rapper, say eleven years old, you are going to want to wear something more appropriate to your age demographic while still retaining a high level of bling. And speaking of “retaining”, how […]