Clip Chair : Design Milk

Thanks Design Milk for pointing out this lovely chair! I’m a lounge chair fanatic, but we recently had a kid and my Eames lounge chair has been moved out of the living room. Not so with this chair. Need roo for the kid to play? Bam. Chair is G-O-N-E gone.Clip Chair : Design Milk

Alright. I’ve fallen for it. The Swiss Army brand has moved into shoes and I’m in. The shoes, lead by Established Brands, have been expertly produced with the expected simplicity, ease of use, and signature red color that is important to give it that Swiss Army feel. I grew up owning a Swiss Army knife, […]

Paper Thin: A Bowl by Agata Nowak

Tear a piece of paper from your notebook. Crumple it up. Now begin to curve the piece of crumpled paper into the form of a vessel. What you get is a vague resemblance of what Paper Thin, a collection of ceramics by Agata Nowak, is all about. The amazing thing to me is a crumpled […]

Perch Ergonomic Furniture for Primary Schools by Simon Dennehy

Perch, a furniture concept by Simon Dennehy, is one of those aha! ideas that you wonder why you have not seen this concept sooner. The Perch system is comprised of a table and a chair that have been expertly contoured to meet a massively lacking area of furniture design. There is an endless host of […]

Waldo/45 Table and Benches by James Burleigh

I was eating an everlasting gobbstopper today. Maybe you remember this candy? It is a candy that has a beautiful, shiny candy coating and within the coating are the multicolored strata of candy goodness. I’m not sure why, exactly, but the Waldo/45 table by James Burleigh when I saw it immediately transported me to 9am […]

Circumflex Accent Chair by Zoe Mowat

Zoe Mowat has come up with something I find quite special. Her Circumflex accent chair is a perfect triumvirate of steel, cast plastic, and walnut which creates something that is forward thinking and yet retains an old-world richness. Usually, when I see chairs like this they’re either too clumsy or look like a robot made […]

MKD Outdoor Furniture

MKD Outdoor appeals to the anyone who grew up playing with an erector set. Their furniture is made up of dozens of parts and pieces and fit together elegantly into a perfect symphony. The furniture is quite elegant, but it certainly appeals to anyone who might have more of a fetish for industrial machinery. MKD […]

RoCoco Chalkboard Sticker from Wall Candy

As you probably know, wall stickers have gone crazy. I don’t know what the market for wall stickers was three years ago, but know a days you can’t get away from them. But what innovations are left in the wall sticker business? Chalkboard wall stickers, as far as Wall Candy is concerned. They have recently […]

Die Electric by Scott Amron

Scott Amron sent me a link to his Die Electric project months ago, and I loved it so much that I wrote a post about it and but somehow it was lost in the ether. Finally, I’m back on the case: Die Electric is a play on dialectic mixed with a little die and a […]

The Hover Collection: Seating That Nearly Floats

The bench, part of the Hover Collection, brings me back to a memory I had experienced nearly twenty years ago when I was traveling in Guatemala. In this country, the streets are filled with music that come from hand made instruments  that resemble over-sized xylophones not unlike the bench you see above. This bench somehow […]