Students from Beckmans Make a Splash at the stockholm Furniture Fair

I’m going to give away secrets: The way to find the freshest stuff on earth is to always be checking out the design schools the world over. Beckmans is one of the best. Below is some student work from the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair. Both items are furniture finished in white. One piece is a […]

Fruit Bowls Made Out of Real Fruit

Are you looking for that unique wedding gift but you don’t have a lot of money? Think of giving one of these fabulous bowls fabricated by hat at a cost of $34 each. The bowls are made from various fruits and vegetables. The fruits are cut paper-thin, dried and presed. Then, the shapes are carefully […]

Zipshape- A Simple Technique for Creating Complex Furniture

Zipshape is a technique developed by Schindlersalmeron that allows for curved surfaces to be made in furniture with creating costly molds or setting up cumbersome steaming chambers. The designs get their curves by the interlocking teeth that make up the top and bottom of the furniture piece. The furniture gets its curviture by varying the […]

arik levy makes a book brush

Arik Levy’s products are always witty and often times pure genius. The book brush is not genius. It’s not even particularly useful. But something about their combination is so fun it’s like watching a bad Frankenstein movie. ‘book brush’ by arik levy

Deer Socket: nature meets electronic devices

The Deer Socket is an innovation that I feel really pushes the boundaries of smart design. Why? First, the design says to me: “I’m unashamedly trendy”. For example, deer antlers in the design world: you just can’t get away from them. But nearly all of the antlers on the market are in the coat rack […]

The Doorknob Lightbulb: A Bright Idea found at Core 77

I’m just in a cranky mood today. I saw this product a few minutes ago, and it made me think of the years of stupidity we’ve seen in American design today. Not this design, but the lack of doorknob innovation. See, I like this design. It immediately makes me think of something I’ve seen my […]

Spaceless: Sandy Lam’s Expert Solution to Tiny Outdoor Spaces

I received this email about a year ago, and just never had time to post this. Sandy Lam has created an ingenious system. The pieces of furniture are built into the floor of a terrace and easily slide up to create a table or a bench. This is the perfect furniture solution for people who […]

Doo The Dishes by French Paper

I got a tip from a company called French Paper. They alerted me to their beutiful wood prints that they make, but I’m enamoured with their Doo the Dishes collection of sexy silhouettes printed on plates and backed by a touch of baroque sensibility. It’s rare that I’ve fantisized about a silhouette much less plateware, […]

Bedford Smart Recharge Station

There is nothing terribly smart about creating furniture around a charging station. It’s just that it needs to be done. So often we designers design for how we lived our lives twenty years ago and not for how we live our lives now. The Bedford Smart Recharge Station recognizes your needs: pay bills, hold the […]

Great Motorcycle Protection Device Takes from Nature

Have you ever heard of a Rolly Polly? I don’t know the scientific word for this bug, but it takes its segmented plates and unfurles them in such a way as to form a protective coat that cannot be breached. This is the basic concept for the very smart design by Spanish designer Marc Graells […]