Timbuktu Magazine

Looking for something for your young one to do on your iPad? Timbuktu Magazine could be a great option. It’s a really great first try at taking young fiction for the 5-10 year olds out there and making it interactive. Personally, I think it’s better than a book, but my wife would strongly disagree. Timbuktu […]

iPad Publishers making strides in children’s books

swissmiss | Oliver Jeffers ‘Heart and the Bottle’ iPad Version.

ora watch by alexandros stasinopoulos

This really is one of the freshest and most novel concepts for a watch I’ve seen in a while. The watch by Alexandros Stasinopoulos portrays three intertwined tape measures that move with the time. I have not quite figured how to describe the relation between time and space, but I’m sure there is one. I’ve […]

sungho lee: LED pin

I saw the clothespin light, and I wondered to myself, “OK, it’s a clothespin and a light. So what?”. Now it all makes sense after seeing this image. sungho lee: LED pin.

reincarnation: trash as inspiration for tableware

Yet another remake of everyday objects as precious little trinkets. I like them all, so keep them coming. I’ve seen clorox bottles in ceramics, water bottles in glass, but the lightness of Kutchamuch’s egg crate, for instance, exceeds the quality of any i’ve seen. I hope i’m right in saying that taking an everyday object […]

ceramico coffee table

A bit more ceramics for tonight: Introducing the all ceramic coffee table. it’s beautiful, white, sleek, but don’t let your kids get to close because they will break this coffee table in a heart beat. ceramico coffee table :: Industrial Design Served.

Joel Escalona – Outdoor Furniture

I found these pieces recently and found them to be beautifully colored. Most outdoor furniture i encounter does not have the cohesive strength to make a whole collection. Rather, most outdoor furniture that you might find in this category are a motley collection of dissimilar objects. I applaud the consistency. sub-studio design blog: Joel Escalona […]

Brand Profile: Skitch

I pulled this from Dezeen who have loaded up a comprehensive gallery of images of featuring probably the most significant brand launched at this year’s Salone in Milan. The brand is Skitsch, and it was founded by Renato Preti, a very important private equity investor behind such brands as B&B Italia. Now, he takes his […]

MICHAEL BIHAIN: Illusion Table

Illusion Table is so expertly performed that I couldn’t quite geta handle on its expertly crafted form. First, it is made from laquered ash which is not what I thought. At first glance, it’s steel or aluminum or anything else but wood. But this illusive use of such a simple material is not where the […]

Furniture at 100% Norway 2008

There are so many special pieces that will be shown at 100% Norway that it’s too hard to talk about them all. Probably my favorite piece is The white Origami Chair shown as the second to last image. This chair is designed by So Takahashi and is a made of plate and bar steel with […]