Storage Shelving by Francois Bauchet for Galerie Kreo

Travel Tip: If you take a visit to Paris any time soon, then I urge you to stop by the Galerie Kreo not far from the Place d’Italie. I’ve always wanted to live in a place where well designed objects are exhibited in a gallery setting. OK, some may argue that IKEA fits that definition. […]

Twenty-first Century Craftsmanship: A Silver Service by Michael Anastassiades

I’m not much for having tea, but when I saw Michael Anastassiades‘ silver service I wanted to start this ritual just so I had an excuse to buy this beautiful set. Mr. Anastassiades aesthetic can best be described as old world modernism. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but when I think of […]

Saanen Table by Philippe Cramer

I will file this wood and clear acrylic coffee table in my YANRO file. YANRO, of course, stands for Yet Another Noguchi Rip Off.  If you’re wondering who Noguchi is and don’t care then please leave this site immediately and don’t come back. If you’ve heard your high-brow friends throw Isamu Noguchi’s name around at […]

The Dosh All-Polymer Wallet Doesn’t Leave You All Wet

A couple of weeks ago, Dosh sent me an anoucment to me. I spent some time on the site, and I must admit that I really like the wallet. The designers of the product have developed a clear and compelling site to promote their product which I think on its own might have been overlooked. […]

When a Chair Becomes a Light

This post comes via Moco Loco. It’s a baroque chair re-purposed as a piece of neon art. The chair is striking, straightforward, iconic, classic, and fresh at the same time. The designer Lee Broom, is a baby faced kid, with a big career ahead of him. I’m excited to see what happens next. BTW, Mr. […]

Thursday Props: Tak Brand Pushpins

I’ve still got a large number of articles that people have sent me that have literally been waiting in my draft box for months . This is another reader submission hawking his extremely cool pushpin called TAK. Yes, I said pushpin. No, I’m not on crack. I really have to respect this innovation seeing as […]

Sunday Props: Housing Block in Izola, Slovenian by Ofis Architects

I’m starting a section every Sunday that I’ll call “Sunday Props” where I give some shouts out to the people who have emailed me their favorite projects or products. I have unfortunately collected about ten from people, but I’ve been putting off posting. Forgive me. This post is from a tip from Mike who sent […]

Claim(p) by Maya Goldblum

I have been cordially invited by 2Modern to do a weekly guest blog which I’m extremely excited about. As I was reviewing the posts in this blog trying to find what my niche might be, I was blown away by the the depth and diversity of the blog. I find Design Crack similar in nature […]

Lineground Round Mirror by Skram

Mirror, Mirror. On the wall. What’s the fairest (mirror) of them all? Possibly the Lineground Round Mirror by Skram? I was looking through 2Modern’s retail catalog, and I came upon this mirror and was a bit stunned. The mirror is built with the same craftsmanship as a fine musical instrument. The bent wood frame is […]

Munimula Wine Tray: Innovation in Simplicity

The Wine Tray designed by Munimula is a piece I saw recently that I thought I would include as an example of simplicity at its finest. This piece actually solves a major problem which is how do I easily carry a bottle of wine and four wine glasses into the other room to serve my […]