3 Great Design Shops:


Here’s the deal: I forgot to write down these three showroom names. But if you just walk around SoHo you’re bound to find these three stores. Up First, a $17,000 hanging paradise made of such great quality that there is basically no maintenance required. They make a dog size as well. Much cheaper. Does your […]

silver edition by Bordbar

silver edition | Bordbar.de

  Looking for that certain something to set off your airline themed party? Look no further than the beautifully detailed and rugged silver addition food and drink carts by bordbar. Sure, their made for airlines. But, Bordbar also sells them to the public. They are a bit spendy, but I know if I lived in […]

Piano Hanger


        My wife is a freak for hanging stuff. I think we have jackets and other various items hanging off of every door in the house. But now… now I’m in modernist heaven with this design. I can hang things on the piano hanger when I need to and when I don’t […]

Fuego Element Grill


  I work at an architecture firm called MKTHINK. We share offices with a design firm that has designed the Fuego gas grill, and I’ve been dying to give this grill a shout out. The element grill is amazing in that the designers have made the form factor so thin and light that this grill […]

Kitchen Bull


      This beautiful wooden bull design makes it perfectly convenient to hold your kitchen knives and store your most important cook books. I think the real beauty of this piece is it’s modern Spanish minimalist aesthetic that somehow reminds me of a Miro painting. Why, I’m not sure. HolyCool.net: Kitchen Bull.

floating utensils Seongyong Lee

floating utensils

You need to know about this designer. Why? Because he has thought of the ultimate design standard for eating soup. He’s created a utensil that floats upright in the soup so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty if your spoon falls in. Seongyong Lee.

bedtimestory by rephorm

night stand by reform called bedtimestory

      Rephorm has some clever products, but my favorite product is the bedtimestory night stand. It’s a simple and elegant piece of laser cut steel with a white powder coat. It’s bent into a form that allows the user to hold a book, place one’s glasses, and hold a lamp. Basically, it holds […]

a chair i love

i’ve been prottyping in steel lately, and this chair was an inspiration. NY DESIGN WEEK 2011: NOHO DESIGN DISTRICT – Rich, Brilliant, Willing at Partners & Spade – Rich, Brilliant, Willing. – Core77.

The pope makes graffiti

I’m not sure what to make of this but I love pope shwag and I love graffiti. I just can’t help myself!

Remy van Oers – More Than Just Reading Furniture

Just a straight ahead simple design. I love the square baseball stitch seams which are durable. My Eames lounge chair can’t hold one damn book! I might have to make a trade-in. sub-studio design blog: Remy van Oers – Reading Furniture.