Flux Chair: I want to love it, but I don’t

The Flux chair is a very compact chair that is extremely light and can be folded flat for easy storage. It comes in a number of colors and is pretty snappy looking. But it’s a bit of a novelty or a gimmick. I can’t get over the fact that rarely would anyone want to unfold […]

Never clean your windows again…with a catch

The catch is that the robot that cleans your window is loud, slow, and sucks up lots of power. The plus is you will surely be the first to have this gadget. Watch the video and tell me that this technology has a way to go. Robotic window cleaner, but I want a shower-bot – […]

Clock by Simon Lumb Not Fully Baked

I saw this clock on one of the design blogs, and I fell for it. The simplicity is commendable. The clock face is soothing in it’s movements. Then, I watched the you tube video on Mr. Lumb’s site, and I developed a slightly different opinion of this time piece. Here’s my insignificant complaint: at certain […]

Osloh Jeans: Cycling Becomes Truly Fashionable

i apologize in advance for sending out so many bicycle obsessed links, but i really like how thoughtful these new cycling jeans are. There are so many design decisions made here which advance the cyclist’s sensibilities into actual clothing. Please have a look at the link below, and you will see the various good ideas […]

Items – Kavellaris Urban Design

I’ve see this beautiful house around the internet, and I know right off that it is one of the freshest combinations of graphic design and architecture that I’ve see in a long time. There used to be a time when graphics went hand in hand with the structure itself such as the sistine chapel’s paintings. […]

QLOCKTWO: everyone else posted this, why not me?

I really don’t think anyone goes out looking for a clock anymore. So, to realy differentiate yourself in the time telling business you have to make something like qlocktwo. it uses this weird letter matrix to spell out the time in five minute intervals. And it does this at the low price of twelve hundred […]

Pursebuckle: A Small Fanny Pack

I’m sorry, but when I first set eyes on the pursebuckle (Get it. It’s a purse and a belt buckle) I immediately thought back to one of my coworkers who still wears a fanny pack. He’s married, so he’s not too worried about attracting the ladies… which he would never do wearing a fanny pack. […]

The RPM 10 Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems

I’m not really going to talk about the RPM 10 Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems. I’m going to talk about what these record players stand for. The funny thing about the modern audiophile record player is the record player inevitably likes to display every piece and part of the machine as if it were […]

Brand Crack: The Louis Vuitton $42,000 Handbag

Maybe I watch too much crappy television? I don’t know. But, I was watching the Preview Channel – you know, the channel that scrolls the TV guide at the bottom while washed up child actors talk celebrity gossip- the other day when the woman on the show started barking on and on about Louis Vuitton’s […]

Prada i-Phone by LG

When I see the Prada Phone it makes me sometimes wish that I had started a gadget blog, and I really knew my stuff and was super popular. Why? Well then I would somehow convince LG to give me one of these awesome phones! At least they look awesome… and they say Prada on it […]