Jason Miller Seconds

Jason Miller, one of the hottest American designers of the past five years, has created what may be seen as a continuation on his playful lounge chairs. His chairs, which are newly constructed and well designed, feature strips of fabric that stretch randomly across the furniture and appear as if they were made of duct […]

Decanter by Etienne Meneau

Etienne Meneau has made what I find to be a design that is baffling in its construction and absolutely jaw dropping in its presentation. Alright, you may be saying to yourself. It’s just a really cool decanter. But how did he do this? Granted, I know nothing of glass construction, so maybe it’s really easy […]

The Iris Coffe Table by Michael Bihain

I recently covered a chair by Michael Bihain which I liked, but this piece I love. It feels like an instant classic. Why? First because it’s so simple. It is a single piece of plate steel or laser cut into shape and bent precisely into its final form resembling an iris. It’s iconic, easy to […]

Knife Hooks by TC Studio

I love the playful stories that come to mind when you install a number of knife hooks into your wall. For instance, you could tell people that you were attacked by a blind knife thrower who left all these knives in your wall, and when you left them there in your walls as a memento […]

Kartell – Lovely Rita Bookshelf

Lovely Rita is not just a meter maid. It is, for some inexplicable reason, also a bookshelf designed for Kartell by Ron Arad. I’m assuming Mr. Arad is a Beatles fan judging by his pieces names, because no matter how I slice it, I don’t see how this piece relates to “Lovely Rita”. But look […]

Paraseat by Steven Haulenbeek

The paraseat is a beautiful concept that exploits the use of a simple mechanical concept. It’s a simple plastic cantilever with a lot at the end that allows you to wedge this thing on a post and use paraseat as a comfortable impromptu place to read a paper or have a drink. If you combine […]

Zip Tie Light Kit by Steven Haulenbeek

It’s very rare that I find such a simple concept with such dramatic results. The object: a ring with a light on it. The concept: take a few hundred zip ties and wrap this ring in any configuration you choose. The result: an ethereal blob of a light that is not unlike a jellyfish. Oh, […]

Prosthes by Form Us With Love (FUWL)

Form Us With Love (FUWL) have about the freshest stuff out there. This piece, called Prosthes, for instance. It consists of one simple powder coated piece. You bring its meaning to it by whatever you add. You want a coat rack? add some long sticks. You want a bench? add some short sticks and a […]

Clear Acrylic Stool Available at PID

PID sends me a monthly update of their new products, and a month never goes by that I don’t want to feature at least one of their products. This month, I randomly chose the clear acrylic stool available for $321. This stool also doubles as a magazine rack, but a like it especially for it’s […]

Park Planters by Tristan Zimmermann

Planters bring a little green into your garden. Some would say planters add a sort of park-like quality to your surroundings. Well if you live anywhere near the Stanyan entrance to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco then you’d know that your park experience includes more than looking at green plants. No doubt multiple drug […]