Tubes by Tsunami Glassworks

Tubes by Tsunami Glassworks was one of the highlights of ICFF for me. I’m a sucker for contemporary glass design, and this work surpassed all others in my opinion. Each piece in Tubes is hand blown and finished, and each piece has its own character and hue. When all pieces are assembled to make a […]

The Simple Light by Amoeba

Whew! Finally, I have just a moment to start telling people about the amazing products I saw at the 2008 ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). Let’s start close to home with one of the Bernhardt Competition winners: The Simple Light. This light is so perfectly sculted and, and… simple… which may make it an instant […]

BKLYN Designs: UM

I wanted to get this post out quickly because the BKLYN Designs Expo has just past, and yet I have not talked about the most prolific and possibly the most fun design collective: UM. Their work is just so damn clever. As my cop out, I’ll let them speak for themselves: At the core we […]

BKLYN Designs: uhuru

uhuru, to me, may have been the most impressive furniture designers I saw at BKLYN Designs in terms of their creative reuse of industrial products. For example: the Stave Bench and the Bilge Lounge reuse whiskey barrels from the finest white oak. These barells are charred and used only once in the barreling process then […]

BKLYN Designs: Produce Redefines the Kitchen

I’ve been thinking about how to create a fresh approach in my own kitchen recently, so it’s no surprise that I was extremely excited to see the work of Produce to get some inspiration of what my kitchen could be. Their work, as shown in their pot and knife rack, wall bins, and wine rack […]

BKLYN Designs: Takeshi Miyakawa

Another great find from BKLYN Design: Takeshi Miyakawa. Why is this guy not a superstar designer? Good question. His pieces are clever, refined, simple, and extremely desireable. And maybe most important of all (at least for design stardom), Miyakawa’s work is iconic. His fractal 23 shelving just has this timeless feeling about it. And this cabinetry is […]

Coffin Couches

Have you ever owned a piece of furniture so perfect that it made you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven? If not then the coffin couch may be the perfect fit to bring you to eternal bliss. The coffin couch is a sofa full of beautiful details including handles and gorgeous legs. And […]

Plates from Domestic

Domestic, a French based housewares design company started in 2005, has asked several internationally known up and coming artists to create a fantastical collection of  plates which bring more excitement to any food added. The graphic nature of each plate is pervaded by a street sensabilty and color punch you in the face feeling. As […]

Liseuse by Take Care

Liseuse by Take Care is a night stand with a light built within the drawer. The drawer allows you to control the intensity of the light, so if the drawer is open all the way you can read by the light and if the drawer is closed then you can get the warm glow of […]

Umbrella Stand by Take Care

Take Care’s Umbrella Stand brings a little piece of nature into your home. Granted, the image of the stand shows a green grass growing in it which might be impossible, but I’m sure house plants could easily survive in the planter as well. The concept is pretty smart though: the residual water from the stand […]