Up Yours Ashtray by Jean Marc Gady

If you’ve read this blog from the beginning, you know I have a propensity to write about things finished in gold, ashtrays, and witty titles of design objects. This piece brings all three of my loves together in the golden “Up Yours” Ashtray. It gives a big fuck you to all the smokers out there […]

Fokus Fabrik: A Finnish Fantasy

I’ve been meaning to write about this small Finnish company for quite some time. You need a fabric for your design that incorporates a kind of 80s collage DIY aesthetic? This might very well be the designers to look at. Their fabric work suggests industrial wastelands, flowers juxtaposed with grainy penwork of enlarged Maurice Sendak […]

mini rickshaw in beijing

DesignBoom is so good. They always point me towards where I want to go. Even if I didn’t know I wanted to go there. Today, they pointed me to the Mini Pedicab (DesignBoom calls it a rickshaw, but I always though rickshaws were pulled on foot). This is essentially a modified Mini Cooper in the […]

Glue Jeans: A Fashion Idea That Really Sticks

Glue Jeans get rid of the traditional threaded seam and go stright for the glue, which in this age means that you probably will have a much more robust and longer lasting seam. Beyond the quality of the seam, they also come in a variety of colors. The only criticism is the name: glue jeans […]

Baja Charcoal Package by Mike and Maaike

Mike and Maaike, two local San Francisco Designers who work in a variety of industries, have created a very simple and effective packaging solution for charcoal company Lazzari. The packaging is made of recycled paper pulp similar to the packaging you might carry four softdrinks in. The beauty of this design is the packagings form. […]

Lindsey Adelman Studio: installation at Karkula

Lindsey Adleman is quickly carving out a niche for the finest and most bubbly chandeliers available. Each piece is completely unique, hand made, blown glass that include significantly difficult and virtuosic glass manipulations such as incorporating a haunting golden foil into the glass surface. Lindsey Adelman Studio: installation at Karkula

juxtaposed: religion by mike & maaike

Juxtaposed: religion is called by blankblank, the producers of this shelf, a curated bookshelf. They have brought together the most important religious texts and displayed the in perfect balance and harmony. This is the perfect gift for those family members who are wearing a pink sheet one day and a yarmulka the next. Unfortunately, at […]

bloombaby fresco loft

I’m playing catch-up, so expect a lot of short posts. I saw this product at this years ICFF, and I didn’t want to forget it. It’s the most stylish baby chair I’ve ever seen. The baby chair, besides looking beautiful, grows with your child. S0, it’s not a quick throw-away piece.bloombaby

DecisionPaper by Paradoxy Products

I recently received an email from this company: Paradoxy Products.  I believe they were writing to make me aware of their chess set, but to be honest I only wanted to write about their DecisionPaper. What is it? It’s a note pad with a cut directly in the middle of the paper. What does it […]

Handpresso: Make Espresso While Getting a Workout

Handpresso, available at Charles and Marie, is your ticket to never being stuck on a back country hiking trail without a good shot of espresso easily available. I used to carry something called a Jetboil. My friends raved about this thing, so I had to have one. And as it promises, the Jetboil boils water […]