Fail Bench: Furniture to Make You Insecure

I saw this bench, and it immediately spawned a thought about dieting and weight loss. I’m getting fatter. I’m not feeling like a real chunky, but I’m slowly creeping up from a slender 190 lbs. (I’m 6′-4″ BTW) to something more than this, let’s say. I think the name is interesting because my first thought […]

Expandable bookcase design – Core77

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of these expandable book shelves, but this bookshelf is maybe the most elegant solutions I’ve seen. It eexpands from completely closed to wide open without looking either too cheap or too high techy. In fact, at any level of expansion, it looks like a piece of art. Maybe […]

Forget Phone Design. How About Design From Phone?

First, go check out the original post off of Core 77’s website, it will give you lots of information. So, how does this work? You download an aplication to your phone, play with the table shape until you see what you like, and then buy it and a computer controlled milling machine starts making your […]

Vase by Francois Azambourg for Cappellini

Francois Azambourg has designed a piece of pottery that rivals the paintings of Joan Miro. Add a bit of bowling pin aesthetic to the miro-esque scene, and you have this vase.

N-7 Table by Casamania

N-7 is another beautifully built table that takes on the current trend of what I call origami or faceted design. Where did this trend start? I seem to recall a modern building in Hong Kong built about twenty years ago that sort of kicked off this trend in my mind. Since then, I’ve seen so […]

Vessel/Architectural Pottery Beauty in Simplicity

 Let’s face it, we all want to make an extra buck. But it makes it so much more simple for me to sell goods when the goods are just so… good. Today, I’m exploring’s collection of Vessel’s Architectural Pottery re-issues from San Diego. The pieces are a higher plane of lovely. Most ceramic vessels […]

Fuck The Rain

I’ve always wanted to make an enduring statement that would have broad popularity, and now I think I’e found a way: First, buy one of these stylish umbrellas of a middle finger. Second, walk around with this umberlla often. Third, find your picture on Google Maps. Finally, send the image to any media outlet that […]

Snurkengoed Bedding: The Perfect Bedding for the Average American

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be homeless and sleep in the cool night air under a cardboard box? No? I never have, but if you have a weird sense of humor and a yearning to get closer to your grungy roots, or you feel like you need to practice sleeping […]

Tea Handkerchief by Miho Kaneko

Having tea time is a world-wide tradition that, at times, cannot be easily performed because of the unavailability of fine china. One way to circumvent this shortcoming is to print the china ona piece of linen and do away with needing plateware. Tea Handkerchief by Miho Kaneko : KithKin Presents : The Power Of Paah! […]

Growing Jewelry by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Looking to get a little more green in your life? You could plant some grass in your back yard, or you could just buy one of these rings by Hafsteinn Juliusson. One ring is sort of the brass knuckles for greenies. I can imagine a new brand of superhero who respects the environment by punching […]