Puma Container Store Next Step in the Mobile Shopping Evolution

The Puma Store is an inspiration to all architects out there with lots of time and energy and access to a supply of old shipping containers. I consider this store to be a sort of dialogue with some of the past stores Ive seen where the designers have stacked 6 units high by one wide. […]

A Smarter Sink Trap

Clearly a better sink trap design – Core77. “Another Sign that the Construction Industry is Behind the Times” was my original article name, but it was a bit too long. Why would I say this? As an architect who has spent a great deal of time in the field trying to save my client money, […]

Designer Profile: OOOMS

OOOMS is a guy/girl design duo based in the Netherlands. Their work has a sort of random quality that has a bit of natural bent. The solar birdhouse is a recent product that creates a beacon for the garden at night without using any grid power to do so. I think it may scare the […]

Chanel’s Mattress Bag

I live in the Mission District of San Francisco where there is a great concentration of fleabag hotels. I’ve never stayed in one, but I’ve imagined them in my mind as I walk by them in the morning on my way to the subway. The rooms, I’d imagined, were filled with threadbare furniture and stains […]

Designer profile: Studio LIBERTINY

The work of Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny, a Slovakian-born designer based in the Netherlands, can best be described as obsessive-compulsive. But this complete devotion to his craft also leads to his profound and moving design experiments. As an example, he has recently created a Bic stained cabinet which gets its hue from collecting hundreds of Bic […]

La Chanh Nguyen – Moss Bath Mat

At my firm, David Baker + Partners, we’ve really been getting into green roofs. Green roofs are basically grassy pads of moss and other plants that sit on your roof to help keep the heat in in the winter and cool in in the summer. This bath mat brings a bit of the green roof […]

Burning Rubber: The Greenest Kinky Sex Toy Available

I’m impressed. What’s more I have a tire tread impressed on my butt. Or at least I will once I buy one of the eco-friendly paddles for my wife. The paddle is simple and beautiful design made from a simple rubber handle, a piece of steel, and a large piece of recycled tire tread. Whapow! […]

Hand USB sticks- Throw Your Sign, Transfer Data

Need a way to throw up your West Coast Crip sign while you’re computing? No? Well too bad. Now, you have this option. USB has come so far… What can’t you stick on the end of a USB? Hand USB sticks @ Sirtified | Cool Design Exclusively for Guys |

meat purse by nancy wu

I read that Nancy Wu is a design student, and I kind of figured as much. Why? Because there are two traits design students always seem to have. First, students are not afraid to go way out there with their experiments. Using a dried meat product as fabric for a purse- check. Second, design students […]

Letterpress Poster by Cameron Moll

I’ve never seen a letterpressed piece of architecture before. This is my dream poster. I am an architect, and I collect architectural drawings. I’m also obsessed with typography and letterpress. This poster combines two passions in an intricate and rigorous way. It’s a tour de force in type. Sadly, it’s all sold out.Cameron Moll, LLC […]