Contain Me Shelving System

contain me shelving system

          This is a really sleek and simple shelving system that does a wonderful job hiding all of your chords. It’s one of those designs that I just want to steal. basically, it’s a vertical wood spine with enough depth to hide all kinds of wires and stuff. on this spine […]

nicola zocca: shrink furniture

shrink chair

      This is a genius furniture concept. All the joints are heat shrunk to the wood members to form a perfect joint. : nicola zocca.

Sandbox Love : Anne Lorenz

sandbox love

      Anne Lorenz is one of the most innovative designers i’ve seen in a while, but i love the simplicity of these ceramic bowls which harkens back to a childhood spent at the sandbox. i highly recommend a look.   Sandbox Love : Anne Lorenz.

Looking for a thin table lamp? Try dreipuls

dreiplus lamp

    This company makes the sleekest table lamps around using the state of the art LED bulbs which allow the lamps to look more like thin little bugs… like a walking stick. dreipuls – licht in bewegung · light in motion: Products.

ATELIER HAUßMANN makes an expensive table with holes


      Looking for an expensive coffee table? Check out this laser cut sheet steel table with this fantastic hole pattern. Now what could these holes hold? I thought maybe toothbrush holder? Honestly, I love this table, but I think the hole design will cause an amazing amount of unwanted spillage. ATELIER HAUßMANN.

Sideboards by Eric Degenhardt for Böwer

  Now that I’ve spent the last five years writing about design, I’ve sort-of gotten tired of covering the straight ahead modernist pieces, but this is one of those pieces of furniture that is so sharp that you get cut just looking at it. Now if I had a few Gs… Sideboards by Eric Degenhardt […]

ARCHI-ZINES- The ultimate confluence of coolness

Here is a confluence of two of my favorite fetishes: architecture and zines. This has inspired me to create my own pamphlet on architecture coming out this spring called Bikitechture where I chronicle buildings by bike. Any ideas for stories? ARCHI-ZINES.

Insane Shoes Seen in Milan

Let me set the stage. I love shoes. Maybe it’s because shoes are the most architectural of designs in the fashion world. I don’t know. But if you’ve read my blog, Designcrack, for any length of time you would have seen many examples of women’s shoe excess. I would put this shoe high on the […]

First iPhone case that needs a case

Now I understand why most iPhone cases are so ugly, because if they looked like this you’d want a case for your case. Still, this case is unfortunately bulky. I let my iPhone ride free and avoid the accessory money pit. Abee Japan introduce its first Aluminum Jacket for iPhone 4. « Akihabara News.

OMFG! Now I remember why I want to be rich!

Why? So I can buy this $29 million super yacht that is basically a Lamborghini on the sea… Of course it’s different from a sports car in that you can live on this thing in complete luxury and entertain dozens of your friends. Got a spare $29 million dollars? « Desktop.