NYC Garbage by Justin Cignac

Object: NYC Garbage Manufacturer: Justin Cignac URL: Category: Tchotchke Price: $ 50 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Up front: It’s well packaged garbage. Step back from it, and it’s beautiful branding. If you find the right people to buy this, it creates a community of NYC Garbage owners. Only a finite number of people will […]

The Resin Filled Teardrop Vase by Derek Chen

Object: The Resin Filled Teardrop Vase Manufacturer: Derek Chen URL: Category: Tchotchke Price: $ 110 Lust Factor: Warm Description: I bought one of Derek Chen’s vases about two years ago, and I’ve found that I look at it each and ebery day. I even touch it because the resin he uses to construct this […]