The Gigantic Inflatable Climbing Iceberg

I could seriously see one of these things at an end of the world party at Bernie Madoff’s house. The Gigantic Inflatable Climbing Iceberg | Cool Shit You Can Buy – Find Cool Things To Buy.

OMFG! Now I remember why I want to be rich!

Why? So I can buy this $29 million super yacht that is basically a Lamborghini on the sea… Of course it’s different from a sports car in that you can live on this thing in complete luxury and entertain dozens of your friends. Got a spare $29 million dollars? « Desktop.

the beautiful game by GRO Design and Tim Modelmakers

You could say a lot about The Beautiful Game table soccer that just made its debut in Milan yesterday, but you could really keep the comment down to one. This is the most insanely beautiful table game. Enough Said. 11 – the beautiful game

OPA Red by Jorg and Olif

The other day, I was working away and my boss rides in on one of these bikes, the OPA Black by Jorg & Olif… or, at least I think it was one of these bikes. I was immediately in love and decided to write about it. For you cyclophiles out there you know this is […]

What would the perfect bicycle look like? The Low Rider by Ben Wilson Design, Maybe

I think I put a placeholder for this post in my queue about 8 months ago, and I just today got around to putting this up online. What immediately struck me is how I can use this blog as my own personal style gauge. 8 months ago, I was really into looking at low rider […]

Carrie on Bike by Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm is a company that finds and creates great Scandinavian design, and they’ve been doing so since 1992. They probably have dozens of designed products that I could easily show on this site, but I’d like to start with a bike basket called Carrie. This piece gets to me because, as a daily […]

Projump Stilts

I was recently scouring You Tube when I came upon this contraption. I would almost consider this more gadget crack than I would design crack. Still, the design that lead to this invention was immense, I’m sure. So, I commend you oh inventor of the Projump stilts. What’s the big deal though? You’d have to […]

Gola: My New Favorite Sneaker

I have no idea why I love this shoe. I just do. It has a bit of that franken-shoe look which has infected so many top brand design shops. This one takes on the two forms: The back of the shoe is late 90s Italian gigalo / amateur football player. The back of the shoe […]

The Piaggio MP3

I’m not sure why I’m attracted to the MP3 by Piaggio. I just am. I think it has something to do with the fact that it’s a scooter with three wheels, but three wheels instead of two means that it can stand upright without assistance. I have two quick points about this machine, and then […]

The Aerolblade Bicycle by Spyker for Koga Miyata

I decided to put a lot of picture of this bike on the site because bicycles are an interesting beast. Often times, I look at bikes from far away and think they’re ugly, and when I get close up they become beautiful. The Aeroblade for Koga Miyata is definitely one of the bikes that benefits […]