Just How Sexy Can a Lamp Be? The Moschino Dress Lamp Answers

Moschino, that clever Italian fashion house, is always jabbing a stick in the eye of what fashion should be. They are a creative lot that does not like to be tied down by any sense of tradition. One of their recent forays is in the realm of lighting design. They have taken a number of […]

The Leaf Lamp by Yves Behar: Fabulous or Flimsy?

ID Magazine has recently come out with their 53rd Annual Design Review where they award a number of products and project top honors for design. They have named top honors in the consumer products division to the Leaf lamp by Yves Behar. I’ve been tempted to write about this product for a while now, but […]

Chord Light by Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love, an exciting Swedish based design group, has come up with the cutest floor lamp. It reminds me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon I saw years ago where Bugs was supposed to be somewhere in an exotic Casbah, and to disguise himself he became one of those snake charmers who sit with […]

Tubetop Lamp by Pablo

In the mission district of San Francisco, there’s a guy (or girl possibly) that tags everything he sees with a pi symbol. You know, it kind of looks a bit like a “TT” mashed together. Sometimes, the pi is on a sticker. Sometimes, the pi is in paint, Sometimes even, the pi is coupled with […]

The Sleeping Light by Andi Kovel

If I feature two bird lamps on the site, does that make it a trend? Probably not, but I like bird lights, so there you are. The first one I featured was several months ago. It was called the Pigeon Light, and it was made by Qubus. It’s made in plastic, and I’ve seen it […]

Fish Out of Water: A Lamp by Ana Thompson

Ana Thompson is a bit of a mystery to me. I really don’t know how I came about getting her URL, but her work is pretty remarkable. I’m assuming she’s pretty young, because there are only a handful of designs on her site and most of the designs are still in the 3D rendering phase. […]

Electro Luminescent Vases by Voon Wong and Benson Saw

How bad ass are these items? Okay, it’s maybe a bit hard to tell what these are at first glance, so I’ll add a bit of description: These are vases where the designers have woven an electro luminescent (EL) wire around a ceramic vessel. EL wire is a low light emitting wire used in the […]

Green Week: PET Light by Walking-Chair Design Studio

First, I should say that the PET Light by Walking Chair Design Studio is called the PET light because in Europe, I gather, people refer to the plastic bottles as PET bottles, and this is a light made for recycled plastic bottles. The PET bottles are nearly identical to the water bottles that we all […]

The Carlos Night Light by Kathleen Walsh

There is not much to say about the Carlos Nightlight that probably already hasn’t been said. I’m imagining what designer Kathleen Walsh was thinking when she set forward on her journey to make a night light in the form of a Chihuahua with a cone around it’s head. My guess is it’s a tribute to […]

Hand Grenade Lamp by piet houtenbos

I was browsing Unica Home’s website a couple of days ago looking for cool stuff (as always) when I found this. BTW, Unica Home is Located in Las Vegas, and they probably have the best collection of amazing home furnishings anywhere. So next time you feel the urge to gamble, make a side trip to […]