ICFF 2012 Lighting Part 2


ICFF 2012 Lighting Part 1


Fab.com popup shop


The Fab.com Pop Up Shop in Soho NYC is a much needed venue for one of the most successful online etailers of the past couple years. They are basically the retail version of Pinterest where only cool stuff is allowed.            

3 Great Design Shops:


Here’s the deal: I forgot to write down these three showroom names. But if you just walk around SoHo you’re bound to find these three stores. Up First, a $17,000 hanging paradise made of such great quality that there is basically no maintenance required. They make a dog size as well. Much cheaper. Does your […]

Tom Dixon NYC 2012


Tom Dixon skips the ICFF this week to open up an ambitious pop up shop? You bet. I went there first thing on Thursday, and I think I may have gotten there too early because there was no items to be bought. But what I can tell you is I’ve seen the most beautiful acid […]

Mathias Hahn: Jinn Lamp

mathias hahn jinn lamp

Mathias Hahn is a fantastically talented designer. Here just one of his dozen or so designs that are beautiful and functional. In the Jinn Lamp the design looks back at old camping lanterns for inspiration. My favorite aspect of the lamp, though, is the thoughtful choices of materials and finishes. The base, although metal I […]

Lukas Peet – hung up

I saw this lamp and it completely made me re-conceptualize fluorescent lights and how beautiful they can be. For instance, the particular bulb used to create this lamp is something I only seen in the ugliest of medical offices. This lamp looks so good I want to wear it. – things i have seen – […]

Remy van Oers – More Than Just Reading Furniture

Just a straight ahead simple design. I love the square baseball stitch seams which are durable. My Eames lounge chair can’t hold one damn book! I might have to make a trade-in. sub-studio design blog: Remy van Oers – Reading Furniture.

sungho lee: LED pin

I saw the clothespin light, and I wondered to myself, “OK, it’s a clothespin and a light. So what?”. Now it all makes sense after seeing this image. sungho lee: LED pin.

The Doorknob Lightbulb: A Bright Idea found at Core 77

I’m just in a cranky mood today. I saw this product a few minutes ago, and it made me think of the years of stupidity we’ve seen in American design today. Not this design, but the lack of doorknob innovation. See, I like this design. It immediately makes me think of something I’ve seen my […]