Dinner Set by Finding Cheska

Finding Cheska’s work really went over well last time I presented it. They produce a lung shaped ashtray that is artistic, refined, beautiful, and probably most importantly, ironic. However, the majority of Finding Cheska’s work does not hold such great irony. It’s just straight ahead beautiful. Like this dinner set. It consists of dinner plate, […]

The Diamond Zinc Vase By Tampopo for Eboniste

First, I’d like to say that we have awarded out first ever email newsletter contest prize which I will discuss in a couple of weeks in a more formal post. She was ecstatic to win, and I can’t thank her enough for signing up. She was also kind enough to tip me on one of […]

Showtime by Jaime Hayon

I wish I could talk about these objects with some level of of competence, but I’m afraid this won’t be the case. Instead, I think I’ll say a few words about the designer. For all of you product or furniture designers out there, you need to take a good, hard look at Jaime Hayon and […]

Green Week: Off Pitcher and Cup by Justin Parker and Andi Kovel

This is one of those products that pushes sculptural beauty and green design to what I would consider to be a noble conclusion. The product is called the Off Pitcher. It’s made from recycled bottles that are re-purposed into a carafe and cups. To go a bit further the designer’s electric furnace for manipulating the […]

Green Week: The Egg Plant by SMP

What could be greener than plants? Nothing. The Egg Plant by SMP brings a bit of “green” design into your home. It’s a simple concept: place a beautifully crafted ceramic egg into an overly designed recycled box. Place some seeds and dirt in the egg. Now, you’ve got something worth selling as long as you […]

Balance by Carl Mertens

Back in 2000, Carl Martens designed Balance: a cup that reacts to its contents. It’s a bit of kinetic sculpture, really. As the user fills the cup, the cup slowly turns from laying on its side to sitting more upright. The effect is that even when slightly full the cup always appears to be completely […]

Molecule Condiment Plates by Voon Wong and Benson Saw

I have a couple of friends here in San Francisco who are serious foodies. Every couple of weeks my wife and I walk the three blocks to their house to partake in what might be called a food orgy. My friends call this dinner, but to me it’s way more opulent than that. The dinner […]

Tooltime Flatware by Walking Chair Studios

A few weeks ago, I offered up a design that was a table made from hundreds of pieces of silverware. That little blurb went over famously. The awesome blog OhGizmo! picked it up and helped it get out to the masses. So, I thought I’d be clever and go one step further with my weird […]

Eggshells by Pieke Bergmans

The work of Pieke Bergmans, a young Dutch designer, can best be described as organic. I here that term in the design world all the time, but I still quite don’t know what it means. So, here’s what it means to me: her version of organic is expressed in two different ways. First, Pieke’s works […]

Link Candelabra by Johan Verde

You may have heard of Morgan Spurlock’s revealing documentary Super Size Me? If you haven’t, definitely check it out if you were wondering what fast food is capable of. The theme of the movie in four words or less: Super Size is Bad. Not all things super-sized are bad, though. Take bicycle chains, for instance. […]