Claim(p) by Maya Goldblum

I have been cordially invited by 2Modern to do a weekly guest blog which I’m extremely excited about. As I was reviewing the posts in this blog trying to find what my niche might be, I was blown away by the the depth and diversity of the blog. I find Design Crack similar in nature […]

Lineground Round Mirror by Skram

Mirror, Mirror. On the wall. What’s the fairest (mirror) of them all? Possibly the Lineground Round Mirror by Skram? I was looking through 2Modern’s retail catalog, and I came upon this mirror and was a bit stunned. The mirror is built with the same craftsmanship as a fine musical instrument. The bent wood frame is […]

Munimula Wine Tray: Innovation in Simplicity

The Wine Tray designed by Munimula is a piece I saw recently that I thought I would include as an example of simplicity at its finest. This piece actually solves a major problem which is how do I easily carry a bottle of wine and four wine glasses into the other room to serve my […]

Bling H2O: Design Crack at its Worst

I just happened to notice this on Yahoo today, and I could not help but to put it on the blog. I present Bling H2O– the next best thing to selling luxury air is luxury water. The water is the brainchild of Kevin G. Boyd who is a Hollywood writer and producer (I’ll get to […]

Holloware Bowl by Kim Buck

I’ve been saying to myself for the past couple of years “Why the heck doesn’t someone design more pneumatic furniture?”. Finally, I have found a product that nears furniture and enters the realm of houseware. I give you the Holloware Bowl by Kim Buck. It is a mirror finished blow-up pillow that is made to […]

The Lucifer Match Striker by Clement Eloy

I’ve featured Clement Eloy tons of times on this blog. I’ve never met him or even spoken to him, but I like his design cleverness. He’s always looking for an edge to something such as his laptop power source / foot warmers or his hot doll (don’t ask, just look). Yet another edgy, smart design […]

WMF 1 Coffee Maker by WMF

I have found the perfect coffee maker for the coffee lover who is single and in need of everything in his or her life to look like an iPod. (I hate to judge, but that describes half of Silicon Valley!) Its called the WMF 1, which sounds a bit more like bowling machinery or a […]

Bicicleta Rug by Nani Marquina

Nani Marquina, an awesome rug making company, has just developed the Bicicleta Rug. This rug is special because it brings two of my life’s interests together: bicycling and design. If you didn’t know already, I attempt to ride my bicycle to work each day, and I’ve been doing that for nearly ten years. In that […]

Harmony Salt and Pepper Shakers by Corina Garona

Corina is a recently graduated Industrial Designer from Pratt, originally from Buenos Aires, who has shown some promising work. Although Ms. Garona has several promising designs, I fell for her small scaled Harmony salt and pepper shaker which consists of two blobs of shiny silver painted ceramic. The inner blob is the salt shaker. The […]

Electro Luminescent Vases by Voon Wong and Benson Saw

How bad ass are these items? Okay, it’s maybe a bit hard to tell what these are at first glance, so I’ll add a bit of description: These are vases where the designers have woven an electro luminescent (EL) wire around a ceramic vessel. EL wire is a low light emitting wire used in the […]