Drink Tray by Martino d’Esposito

I’ve seen this around on a few blogs, and as much as I try to avoid duplicate content, I can’t help but put in a plug for this ingenious design. It’s a Drink Tray by Martino d’Esposito. Build this scenario up in your head: You’re a hot young bartender in one of San Francisco’s trendiest […]

Brasilia Plate and Tray by Bosa Ceramiche

This past weekend was probably the most eventful weekend for design in the history of California. In Monterey, there was a fantastic conference on architecture. In San Francisco, we had the World Design Congress which brings together the top industrial designers in the world to talk shop. What did I do? I went to Napa. […]

Snow Print Ceramic Tile Concept by Tuukka Tujula and Maija Puoskari

These are two young designers who’s names I cannot pronounce but whose design concepts I immediately get. Both Tuukka Tujula and Maija Puoskari are members of the design collective JuJu Design Party, a Finnish group with a massive amount of talent. I’ll be featuring a number of designs and concept from their collective in the […]

Darlin: A Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker for Lovers by Susanna Vesalainen

Finnish Designer, Susanna Vesalainen, created this ceramic salt and pepper shaker for a competition this year sponsored by DesignBoom. The salt and pepper shaker is comprised of two ceramic halves held together by a magnet that sits in the middle of each half and attracts both sides to each other creating a perfect fit. The […]

Carafe Jacket by Eva Solo

It’s very rare that I look at a product and just say to myself “Awwww, you are so cute!”, but I must admit that I did this when I saw the carafe and jacket by Eva Solo. The object is a simple glass carafe that is quite wide at the base and tapers up. Surrounding […]

Light Plumbing by Claus Bjerre

Claus Bjerre creates a witty take on a candle holder. The holder, of course, mimics the form of some plumbing pipe with a valve. The valve, besides looking beautiful in its industrial simplicity, actually serves a purpose in that it is used as the handle for the candle, meaning you will never get hot wax […]

Self Healing Tape: Finally, a way to break something without breaking anything

I recently covered the fun and innovative Nature V2.0 chair by Dream Me a Sheep which is so clever in itself. But the designers at dream me a sheep are constantly finding smart and witty ways to reintroduce old product concepts. One of their recent designs is Self Healing Tape. It’s a new take on […]

Twenty-first Century Craftsmanship: A Silver Service by Michael Anastassiades

I’m not much for having tea, but when I saw Michael Anastassiades‘ silver service I wanted to start this ritual just so I had an excuse to buy this beautiful set. Mr. Anastassiades aesthetic can best be described as old world modernism. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but when I think of […]

Bendable Interior Objects by Form Us With Love

I subscribe to a newsletter by a Swedish company by the name of Form Us With Love, and they just sent me an announcement for their latest design product/company called BIO (Bendable Interior Objects). This design object is very similar to BluDot’s line of accessories in that they both use a very simple stamping process […]

Thursday Props: Dutch by Design

A reader sent me this link some time ago, and I’m embarrassed that I’ve not published this yet. It’s a link to DutchByDesign, a very well curated online design shop. I’ve actually visited the site many times looking for just the right gifts. This site has something for everyone… that is, something for everyone who […]