floating utensils Seongyong Lee

floating utensils

You need to know about this designer. Why? Because he has thought of the ultimate design standard for eating soup. He’s created a utensil that floats upright in the soup so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty if your spoon falls in. Seongyong Lee.

bedtimestory by rephorm

night stand by reform called bedtimestory

      Rephorm has some clever products, but my favorite product is the bedtimestory night stand. It’s a simple and elegant piece of laser cut steel with a white powder coat. It’s bent into a form that allows the user to hold a book, place one’s glasses, and hold a lamp. Basically, it holds […]

Soji wooden tableware by MUTE

For years, when I was a kid, I played little league baseball. For many of those years we used aluminum bats that were shiny and made a distinctive PING! sound when one hits the ball. But I always preferred the wooden white ash bats that the major leagues used, so the grain on these beautiful […]

reincarnation: trash as inspiration for tableware

Yet another remake of everyday objects as precious little trinkets. I like them all, so keep them coming. I’ve seen clorox bottles in ceramics, water bottles in glass, but the lightness of Kutchamuch’s egg crate, for instance, exceeds the quality of any i’ve seen. I hope i’m right in saying that taking an everyday object […]

Dinner Timer by Emma Caselton

Emma Emma Caselton has created one of the most brilliant inventions i’ve seen in a long time. The beauty is in its simplicity mixed with its usefulness. What is it? it’s a linear timer that tell you exactly when to do what with your recipe. Simply insert the specially designed recipe in the timer’s slot, […]

Designer Profile: Weltevree

“Weltevree is a Dutch product label. Weltevree develops and produces authentic products for the living environment. Appliances that satisfy our primary desires: distinctive, original and of excellent quality. Weltevree was born out of the need to make these products accessible to all.” That’s their hook. My hook is yet another masterful design studio with a […]

Designer Profile: OOOMS

OOOMS is a guy/girl design duo based in the Netherlands. Their work has a sort of random quality that has a bit of natural bent. The solar birdhouse is a recent product that creates a beacon for the garden at night without using any grid power to do so. I think it may scare the […]

Fruit Bowls Made Out of Real Fruit

Are you looking for that unique wedding gift but you don’t have a lot of money? Think of giving one of these fabulous bowls fabricated by hat at a cost of $34 each. The bowls are made from various fruits and vegetables. The fruits are cut paper-thin, dried and presed. Then, the shapes are carefully […]

arik levy makes a book brush

Arik Levy’s products are always witty and often times pure genius. The book brush is not genius. It’s not even particularly useful. But something about their combination is so fun it’s like watching a bad Frankenstein movie. ‘book brush’ by arik levy

Deer Socket: nature meets electronic devices

The Deer Socket is an innovation that I feel really pushes the boundaries of smart design. Why? First, the design says to me: “I’m unashamedly trendy”. For example, deer antlers in the design world: you just can’t get away from them. But nearly all of the antlers on the market are in the coat rack […]