Lung Ashtray by Finding Cheska

Sometimes I wonder how it’s possible that I’m able to feature two lung ashtrays in such a short period of time. The first lung ashtray I saw was by an extremely adept Italian design firm called industreal with their smoke like a chimney ashtray. Now, here I am with a lung ashtray by Finding Cheska. […]

Brand Crack: Louis Vuitton Caviar Box in Taiga Leather

And now for something completely opulent. I’ve never featured anything from Louis Vuitton until recently when I made light of the $42,000 patchwork handbag. After that product, I decided to thumb through LV’s website to really get a full picture of everything they produce… or at least put their brand on. After I sifted through […]

Last Match Menorah by Kathleen Walsh

Today is the last day I’m in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest cadre of conferences. I’m sitting in my favorite little cafe just north of the University of Texas campus. It’s called Spiderhouse, and this has to be one of the many things that I desire to be immediately transplanted from Austin to […]

The Big Clip by Arash and Kelly

Sometimes, a great idea is great at any scale. Take the paper clip, for example. Here’s an extremely simple device made from a small length of cheap wire that solves two fantastically simple problems: 1. How do I easily hold these paper documents together, but also have the freedom to take a document out if […]

Trophy Tableware by Emiko Oki

Emiko Oki designs some of the most clever products!  Recently, I reviewed the pint glass that she created, and this product is of a similar theme. It’s called Trophy Tableware because Emiko takes the coffee pot, bowl, cup, saucer, and so on, and creates a groove in the ceramics with which the user can stack […]

The Record Bowl by TimeSurvivors

Yesterday, a guy from the Netherlands left a comment on my blog announcing that he had this vase that I had profiled a while back for sale on his site. The piece he pointed out to me was this fabulous Tulip vase by Lotte van Laatum which sells for about $140. So, I went to […]

Four Flower Vase by Matti Klenell

I was Reading Matti Klenell’s impression of her own creation, the Four Flower Vase, and I was thinking that her impression did not do much for me to describe the beauty of this piece. She said something like glass has two great characteristics: transparency and seductiveness, and that she played on those themes. Hmm… If […]

Smoke Like a Chimney Ashtray by Andersson Frida and James Steiner

Smoke Like a Chimney is one of those one in a million ideas that inspire me to practice design. It’s a high concept ashtray made in white porcelain. Here’s the concept: the ashtray has a cover over where the cigarette is placed. This cover is an abstracted version of a human lung. When the cigarette […]

The Vividus Bed by Hastens

I’ve been looking at Hastens beds for the past year or so ever since they started their latest media campaign in the design magazines. In this time frame, I’ve actually experienced one of these beds, and there is no doubt that they are unrivaled. Everything is wonderful about they way they feel. But when an […]

Pint Glass by Emiko Oki

Are you a staunch beer drinker but your spouse is a wine person? Does he or she give you a hard time for being “lower class” for drinking beer? Well here’s your chance to annoy your spouse: next time he or she forces you to drink wine, stay true to your beer heritage and drink […]