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Fab.com popup shop


The Fab.com Pop Up Shop in Soho NYC is a much needed venue for one of the most successful online etailers of the past couple years. They are basically the retail version of Pinterest where only cool stuff is allowed.            

3 Great Design Shops:


Here’s the deal: I forgot to write down these three showroom names. But if you just walk around SoHo you’re bound to find these three stores. Up First, a $17,000 hanging paradise made of such great quality that there is basically no maintenance required. They make a dog size as well. Much cheaper. Does your […]

My new favorite gadget




      First, let me state that I don’t speak French, which means I probably have no idea what the original concept for these series of pieces are. But I love the pieces all the same. They are primitive, heavy, chunky pieces which make up a kitchen suite. In this suite, we have chairs […]

Piano Hanger


        My wife is a freak for hanging stuff. I think we have jackets and other various items hanging off of every door in the house. But now… now I’m in modernist heaven with this design. I can hang things on the piano hanger when I need to and when I don’t […]

Fuego Element Grill


  I work at an architecture firm called MKTHINK. We share offices with a design firm that has designed the Fuego gas grill, and I’ve been dying to give this grill a shout out. The element grill is amazing in that the designers have made the form factor so thin and light that this grill […]

Kitchen Bull


      This beautiful wooden bull design makes it perfectly convenient to hold your kitchen knives and store your most important cook books. I think the real beauty of this piece is it’s modern Spanish minimalist aesthetic that somehow reminds me of a Miro painting. Why, I’m not sure. HolyCool.net: Kitchen Bull.