BKLYN Designs: Produce Redefines the Kitchen

I’ve been thinking about how to create a fresh approach in my own kitchen recently, so it’s no surprise that I was extremely excited to see the work of Produce to get some inspiration of what my kitchen could be. Their work, as shown in their pot and knife rack, wall bins, and wine rack […]

BKLYN Designs: Takeshi Miyakawa

Another great find from BKLYN Design: Takeshi Miyakawa. Why is this guy not a superstar designer? Good question. His pieces are clever, refined, simple, and extremely desireable. And maybe most important of all (at least for design stardom), Miyakawa’s work is iconic. His fractal 23 shelving just has this timeless feeling about it. And this cabinetry is […]

BKLYN Designs: Vexell

This Sunday, I attended BKLYN Designs in the Dumbo Neighborhood of Brooklyn and was impressed with the level of craft by the offerings. Over the next few days, I hope to feature a few of the most exciting small companies I observed. Today, I’d like to mention Vexell. Vexell’s furniture, as was the case of […]

Armani Casa: Classic Big Brand Design Perfection

I’ve made it a point to cover big, chunky fantastically fashionable brands over the next few weeks, and today is one of my favorites: Armani Casa. Armani Casa is like the stage set for a highly stylized 1940s noir film with a good budget. Each piece evokes one of two feelings in me. Armani Casa […]

Liseuse by Take Care

Liseuse by Take Care is a night stand with a light built within the drawer. The drawer allows you to control the intensity of the light, so if the drawer is open all the way you can read by the light and if the drawer is closed then you can get the warm glow of […]

The Iris Coffe Table by Michael Bihain

I recently covered a chair by Michael Bihain which I liked, but this piece I love. It feels like an instant classic. Why? First because it’s so simple. It is a single piece of plate steel or laser cut into shape and bent precisely into its final form resembling an iris. It’s iconic, easy to […]

Kartell – Lovely Rita Bookshelf

Lovely Rita is not just a meter maid. It is, for some inexplicable reason, also a bookshelf designed for Kartell by Ron Arad. I’m assuming Mr. Arad is a Beatles fan judging by his pieces names, because no matter how I slice it, I don’t see how this piece relates to “Lovely Rita”. But look […]

Doc System Furniture a Genius Idea for Small Spaces

This has to be one of the most useful pieces of furniture I’ve seen in a long while. It’s called the Doc System, and it folds from a sofa into a bunk bed. I’m, of course, being heavily biased because of the recent arrival of my first child. Here’s the deal, my wife and I […]

Blow Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

The first time I saw the Blow Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen for HAY, I thought they called it the Blow Lounge Chair because this chair was so sexy that brothels would be ordering this for certain lude acts implied in the name. Of course, my dirty mind completely overlooked that this chair, in […]

Storage Unit by Eric Jourdan

I get so many more press releases these days from people promoting their furniture. That is how I found out about the Storage Unit by Eric Jourdan. If your piece looks like this beautiful piece of furniture or anthing close to this then please send your press release immediately because I would love to feature […]